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Algeria is a country in northwest Africa situated between Morocco and Libya. To its northeast is the small nation of Tunisia.


Isu Era

At some point during their reign, the Isu had a structure built south west of the Hoggar Mountains.[1]


In 1511, King Samis El Felipe was captured by the king of Spain, and Ottoman Assassins sent from Constantinople by Ezio Auditore da Firenze corresponded with him while he was in prison, exchanging letters back and forth in order to maintain contact.[2]

Selim authorized the Assassins to employ the aid of the infamous pirate, Hayreddin Barbarossa, to decrease Spanish influence in the area.[2]

The amir Selim of Algiers also proposed to turn a blind eye to the activities of the Assassins in Algiers, in return for protection of a community of Moors living on the island Penon, captured by the Spanish.[2]

Ottoman era

During the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent, Algeria was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire.[3]

By the 16th century, Algeria was primarily inhabited by the Berber people. Algeria's coastal region was part of the Barbary Coast, a region rich in gold, ivory, and pepper. As a result, it attracted the interest of several imperial powers and trade routes were soon established, leading to a dramatic increase in piracy.[4]

In 1632, Ottoman aviator Hezârfen Ahmed Çelebi was banished to Algeria by Sultan Murad IV after performing his sustained, unpowered flight. Hezârfen ultimately died in Algeria some years later.[5]



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