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This article is about the Cypriot rebel. For other uses, see Alexander (disambiguation).

Alexander (died 1193) was a member of the Cypriot Resistance, who was most notable for assisting the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad as the latter chased the Templars to Cyprus. Due to his influence within the resistance, Alexander was able to direct Altaïr to the people who would be able to help him in his mission.


By 1193, Alexander lived within Limassol. During this time, the Assassin Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad visited the city in order to investigate the Templars on Cyprus. He made contact with Alexander, who intercepted the former, suspecting a Templar trap.

After reaching the resistance safehouse, the two men then discussed the Templar presence in Limassol, and began to devise a plan to break their power. Altaïr eventually infiltrated Limassol Castle, weakening the Templars' presence within, where he also learned of the Templar Archive. Following this, he also discovered that in order to gain more information on the archive, he had to seek out Frederick the Red.

Returning from his quest to slay Frederick, Altaïr found the Cypriot resistance broken, their safehouse burned down and Maria Thorpe missing, who he had taken captive and left in their care. After relocating Maria, he met with Alexander near to the harbor, where the later chartered a ship for Altaïr, instructed him to go to Kyrenia and seek out Pasha.

Later, during Altaïr's infiltration of Buffavento Castle, Altaïr overheard a conversation between Armand Bouchart and Shalim, who discussed sending a bag to Alexander, prompting Altaïr to think of his ally as a traitor.

Upon his return to Limassol, Altaïr sought Alexander out, who immediately accused Altaïr of treachery. The two men then exchanged their stories, after which Alexander explained how the Templars had abused their power. From there, Altaïr set out to weaken the Templars even further.

When he returned to the safehouse, he found only a note of Alexander, which held the instructions to come to the courtyard of the nearby castle. As Altaïr entered the courtyard, he immediately noticed Alexander's dead body. Armand Bouchart's agent then showed up, revealing himself to be Alexander's murderer.

Personality and characteristics

Alexander sported a beard at the time shortly before his death, and he had a vaguely scruffy and unkempt look.

He was a loyal and faithful man, as he went into a rage once he heard the false rumors that Altaïr had been working with the Templars. During Altaïr's stay, he quite happily directed him to those who owed him favors, in order to aid the Assassin in his mission. Accompanying this, Alexander was known by many to be a well connected man.




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