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This article is about a 5th century BCE baby. You may be looking for the similarly named Isu.
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Alethea (born 420s BCE) was a baby boy who was born in Argolis, Greece around the time of the Peloponnesian War.


While still an infant, Alethea fell deathly ill, and his mother turned to Chrysis, a priestess of Hera. While the mother was delivering a gift to the goddess in exchange for Alethea's protection, Chrysis took the baby to the shrine near the Altar of Apollo Maleatas on Mount Kynortion within the Valley of Dreams. While there, Chrysis attempted to use Alethea as a distraction for the Spartan misthios Kassandra, forcing Kassandra to either chase Chrysis, or save the baby from the burning shrine.[1]

If Kassandra saved Alethea, they ran into his mother outside the shrine. The woman told Kassandra how Alethea had fallen into Chrysis' hands, and then walked away, cooing to the baby.[1]

Sometime later, Kassandra ran into a midwife, who thanked her profusely. The midwife went on to tell Kassandra that it had been baby Alethea that she'd saved at the shrine, and that both the baby and her mother were fine. However, the midwife wanted to erase all remains of Chrysis' influence, and asked Kassandra to destroy a shrine Chrysis had erected nearby. Kassandra did as asked, killing the Followers of Ares around the shrine as well.[2]


  • Alethea is a variant of the Greek name Aletheia, derived from the word ἀλήθεια (alḗtheia) which means 'truth, not a lie'.
    • Alethea is a female name, but despite this, the baby is referred to as a boy by their mother in the quest Ashes to Ashes.



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