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Alektryon's Rest

Alektryon's Rest was a fishing hut on the coast of a small island located south of Naxos Island, Greece.

During the Peloponnesian War the misthios Kassandra explored the location, finding the residents dead, save for chickens and roosters. She slew one of the roosters as it attacked her. Within the hut, Kassandra found the Poultry Pestle.[1]


  • In Greek mythology, Alektryon was a soldier charged by the god Ares to stand guard while Ares and the goddess Aphrodite had a dalliance. Alectryon however fell asleep, and thus failed to notify the couple of the approaching Helios in time. As a punishment, Ares turned Alectryon into a rooster to henceforth always announce the rising of the sun (Helios).
  • ᾰ̓λεκτρῠών (alektruṓn) is the Greek word meaning 'rooster, chicken'.




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