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Alcmaeon's burial

Alcmaeon was a scholar living in Croton during the sixth century BCE, when Pythagoras and his disciple Kyros of Zarax also moved there.


Shortly after the arrival of Pythagoras in Croton, Alcmaeon started to study his teachings. Pythagoras soon noticed him and took him under his wing. From that moment on, Alcmaeon ceaselessly questioned Pythagoras.

During a party for Milo to honor his victories as an athlete, Alcmaeon was the only one to drink too much wine, and he insulted Milo in front of Myia. However, Myia only laughed and kissed Milo on the cheek, causing Alcmaeon to leave the party.

Not too long after that, Alcmaeon entered an alleyway to torture a dog, but was caught by Damo and Kyros, who attacked him. Kyros broke several of his bones, and both of them had to be judged by Pythagoras.

Alcmaeon was then forced to leave the city, being banned from Pythagoras' brotherhood. Pythagoras declared that Alcmaeon was no longer a brother, and that he was dead to them. He was then given a "burial" using a statue instead of his body, where all of his former brothers were present.

Personality and characteristics

Alcmaeon was a very intelligent man, but he was also arrogant and undisciplined. He showed no restraint and was constantly questioning Pythagoras on his ideas. He was very vain and would often try to convince others of his ideas, hoping to become as famous and honored as Pythagoras was. However, he had a cruel side as well, plucking the eyes of a dog only to stab him afterwards.



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