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ACS Albie Vassell

Albie Vassell was a British criminal who operated in London during the Victorian era.

Albie was the middle of seven children, which led to him being mostly ignored by his relatives, who would often not even call him by his name. This upbringing led to Vassell being terribly jealous and competitive, always feeling a strong need to be heard and noticed.

Vassell joined the Blighters at some point, partaking in many illegal activities. He took to racing as an outlet for his aggression, and when he could not win through talent, he had no qualms about killing the opposition.

By 1868, Vassell had caught the attention of the Metropolitan Police Service, who wanted to take him in for dealing and possessing illegal substances. Sergeant Frederick Abberline enlisted the help of his allies, Jacob and Evie Frye. The twin Assassins located Vassell near the Thames, from where they abducted him and brought him to Abberline.


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