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Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (1819 – 1861) was the British Prince Consort and husband of Queen Victoria from 1840 to his death.


The first cousin of Victoria, Albert asked for her marriage in October 1839. Their marriage in February the following year drew skepticism from the public. Due to Albert being a foreigner, the public feared Albert would have too much influence on Victoria.[1]

Albert soon gained more and more power in court, especially during instances when Victoria was pregnant with one of their seven children. Being a member of the royal household, Albert restructured their household staff and became an important player in Britain's foreign policy. He also took part in parliamentary ceremonies that had, until then, only required the presence of the Queen. Although their love was passionate, Victoria refused and pushed back Albert's desire to become her sole advisor and the head of their family.[1]

At some point in 1847, Albert began renovations for Buckingham Palace, adding a vault meant for the Shroud of Eden.[2]

In 1859, Albert was diagnosed with a form of typhoid, which was treatable at the time. However, it was too late and his health deteriorated significantly by 1860. He eventually passed away on 14 December 1861, with Victoria by his side.[1]


  • Prince Albert's hairstyle became a fashion trend during the mid-19th century and was still used even after his death.



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