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ACOD Alannah Ryan

Alannah Ryan's student card

Alannah Ryan is a member of the Assassins working as part of Layla Hassan's cell in searching for the Staff of Hermes Trismegistus in 2018.


A student from Boston, Massachusetts, Alannah was recruited by William Miles into the Assassin Order at some point in 2017. In August, Alannah was one of the candidates chosen by a fellow Assassin Layla Hassan to accompany her on a mission to Quebec due to her expertise on ancient documents and church construction. However, as she was still in training, Alannah was not allowed to accompany Layla.[1]

In 2018, Alannah became part of Layla's cell in search for historical artifacts, in particular the ancient scholar Herodotos' Lost Histories. Alannah served as the team's historian, providing historical details regarding Herodotos to Layla while she relived the memories of the Spartan misthios, Kassandra.[1]

After the discovering of the location of Atlantis beneath Thera, Alannah and the cell travelled to the island using the Altaïr II, a boat belonging to Gavin Banks.[1]


  • In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, after Alannah told Layla that her grandpa's grandpa was an Irish sailor and adventurer, Layla commented that Alannah makes her own luck, which was a catchphrase by Shay Cormac, an Irish Assassin who defected to the Templars.
  • Alannah is also fluent in English, Latin, ancient Greek, and Sanskrit.



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