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Akrisios was the King of Argos and the father of Danae, and through her, the grandfather of the hero Perseus.


The Delphic Oracle prophesied that King Akrisios would be killed by his own grandson, and in response Akrisios locked his only child, his daughter Danae, in a room of bronze. He did not take into consideration the god Zeus, who saw Danae's beauty, and visited her in the form of golden rain.[1]

In fullness of time, Danae gave birth to a boy. Still fighting the prophecy, Akrisios shut Danae and her baby into a crate and cast it into the sea, hoping the sea would slay them. Instead, the fisherman Diktys found them, and took them under his wing, raising Perseus.[1]

After his various adventures, Perseus returned to Argos and participated in games. When he threw a discus, it flew into the stands and struck Akrisios, killing him by accident.[1]



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