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ACO Akra Garrison

Akra Garrison

The Akra Garrison was a military compound located in Alexandria, Egypt.


In 48 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa, travelled to the garrison in search of Gennadios, the Phylakitai of the city who was after his wife Aya. There, he assassinated the Phylakitai, who remarked that the Phylakes would go after the Medjay for his actions.[1]

Later that year, Aya's cousin and actor Phanos the Younger requested Bayek's help to rescue one of his actors and retrieve his play, which had been confiscated by Ptolemy XIII's soldiers.[2]

A year later in 47 BCE during the city's occupation by the Roman army, Lucius Septimius and Pothinus captured an emissary of Julius Caesar, holding them captive at the garrison. Aya and Bayek were later dispatched to rescue the emissary, who had been badly injured. Aya was able to bring him back to the Ptolemaic Royal Palace, shortly before the siege began.[3]



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