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Akhenaten's Apple of Eden, also referred to as the Aten, was one of several Apples of Eden, leftover pieces of technology created by the ancient Isu.



During the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt, the Apple came into the possession of pharaoh Amenhotep IV, who associated it with Aten. Alongisde his wife, Nefertiti, Amenhotep IV introduced a monotheistic religion to Egypt centered around the relic, and changed his name to Akhenaten.

Following Akenhaten's and Nefertiti's deaths the Aten passed on to their son, Tutankhamun, who chose to restore the polythestic religion of his forefathers. Tutankhamun entrusted the relic to the High Priests of Amun, who kept it safe for generations until 38 BCE.

In this year, the God's Wife of Amun, Isidora, began using the relic to take vengeance on the tomb robbers who had killed her mother, Nitokris, conjuring apparitions of the dead pharaohs upon the city of Thebes in the process.

Eventually the curse was lifted by the Hidden One, Bayek of Siwa, who assassinated Isidora in Tutankhamun's tomb and had the relic given to Sutekh, a descendant of Ramesses II, so that he could hide it where no one would be able to find.


This Apple of Eden has all the standard abilities of an Apple of Eden, such as illusion and apparition creation, mind control and energy manipulation. However, this particular Apple is somehow able to unleash a curse upon Thebes, causing the bodies of various Pharaohs to reanimate back to life and attack anything that lives.

While in Isidora's possession, she was able to conjure up physical manifestations of demons from the Duat, as well as create an illusionary copy of herself as a decoy. She was even able to hypnotically control the descendants of the Pharaoh Rameses II.




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