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Ajay (d. September 1862) was a member of the Indian Brotherhood of Assassins and the custodian of their headquarters under Amritsar, called the Darkness. Ajay had a crush on Kulpreet, the other custodian of the Darkness, despite the fact that she was already married and had a son.


In 1860, after Jayadeep Mir failed to kill a target due to a failure of nerve in what was perceived as a display of dangerous incompetence and was imprisoned at the Darkness, Ajay became his jailer until the young man's planned execution. However, the sentence was secretly commuted into banishment, and Mir left for England to work as an undercover agent for his former tutor, the British Assassin Ethan Frye.

In 1862, the British Templar Cavanagh began to suspect that Bharat Singh, a young Indian man in his employ, was in fact the Jayadeep Mir of whom he had heard during his time in India, so he asked the Indian Templars to capture Ajay and Kulpreet to learn the truth. Overwhelmed by their numbers, the two Assassins were knocked out and taken to a warehouse to be tortured into confirming whether or not Mir had indeed been executed years earlier. However, after witnessing Kulpreet committing suicide to keep the Brotherhood's secrets, Ajay betrayed the Creed, and told his captor that he was willing to cooperate and change sides. Ajay was then smuggled to England, where he told Cavanagh everything he wanted to know in exchange for money and a new life in London.

Later, a guilt-ridden Ajay went to Crawley and tried to warn Ethan Frye that Cavanagh knew everything, giving a cryptic letter to Evie before leaving. But sensing the urgency, Ethan immediately decided to go after the ex-Assassin, enlisting the help of the three other Assassins present in the house, George Westhouse and the twins, to track Ajay. The four Assassins cornered Ajay, who then decided to kill himself with a kukri, telling Ethan that he was sorry.



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