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"Let's not try to start a revolt while we're here, eh, Ikaros?"
ACOD Aipeia


Aipeia, later known as Korone, is a seaport town on the southern coast of Messenia, Greece. In classical antiquity, the town was also known for its Temple of Apollo Korythos that celebrated the god for his healing powers. In addition to the temple, the town housed the residence of the leader of Messenia near the docks.[1]


During the Peloponnesian War, the town was used by the Order of Dominion, a faction within the Persian arm of the Order of the Ancients, as a war factory to develop weapons for their secret plans to conquer Greece. Around 422 BCE, the weapons were used on the orders of the Order's leader Amorges to destroy the village of Dyme in Achaia, where the proto-Assassin Darius and his family were residing in.[2]

Darius later tracked the weapon origins to Aipeia and travelled to the town to devise a plan to bring down Amorges and the Order.[2]

A century later, the town was renamed Korone by the Eplimelides of Thebes after he freed Messenia from Spartan rule.[1]



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