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"If there is any solace to be found in her accident, it may be this: that she was injured in service of her research... in service of work that she cherished most dearly."
―Warren Vidic regarding Aileen Bock and her efforts with the Surrogate Initiative, 1981.[src]

Aileen Bock was the Project Director of Abstergo Industries' Surrogate Initiative, a project aimed at exploring the genetic memories of historical individuals not directly related to the subject by using donated DNA samples. Bock successfully accomplished this by using a sample of her son Seamus' DNA to relive the memories of her ex-husband's mother, Miriam Kurtz, a prisoner of Nazi Germany in World War II.

On 9 August 1981, Aileen suffered a severe injury that subsequently ended her career. Sometime between this period and 2013, Aileen had passed away.

After Dr. Warren Vidic's death in late 2012, illegal audio files were discovered in his residence, having been made with wire taps and hidden microphones. These recordings were made over a fourteen month period from 1980 and 1981, without the consent of their primary subject – Aileen Bock – and detailed Aileen's efforts into the Surrogate Initiative, with her facing strong opposition from Vidic's Animus Project, whose research had greater success.



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