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Aideen (died c. 881), also known as The Spider, was an Irish merchant from Dublin and a member of the Children of Danu, holding the title of Lady during the late 9th century.


Early life

Around the time of burning of Dublin, Aideen lost her family from the chaos and became an orphan, who stole food and cloth to survive in Dublin. Through her perseverance, Aideen made her way by knowing every rumor and business she can hear in all of Dublin's ports and markets. Wanting a piece herself, Aideen became threatening and to make sure the threat was seen as real, torture became a convincing tool in her line of work. Aideen was in contact with many influential people, which caught the Children of Danu's attention. Accepting the cult's invitation, Aideen became even more powerful with Children of Danu's aid.[1]

The Viking jarlskona Eivor Varinsdottir came across the cryptomn, The Spider, when she killed The Deer and recovered a clue from The Deer's personal effects. After recovering The Deer's amber shard, Eivor looked over the clue, which was a note to The Deer from The Oak, detailing The Spider's lack of secrecy as she plays drinking games with Dublin's champion. The note also specified, however, that The Spider does follow through exceptionally with the tasks given to her. From Ruaidrí's clue, Eivor traveled back to Dublin and challenged the current drinking champion. After defeating the champion, Eivor received a note from the champion. The note dictated that The Spider's identity is unknown to them but that she was no match, in terms of drinking. The note also detailed that The Spider passes silver underneath Dublin's biggest tree.[2]

Eivor searched around Dublin and found the massive tree, south of Dubgaill Landing. Investigating the tree, Eivor retrieved a note from a nearby bench and the note described a nasty business transaction that involved paralysis of a man and how she would be waiting in the markets. Eivor deduced The Spider's identity, Aideen, and her location, which happened to be Dublin's marketplace. Eivor hurried and searched around the markets of Dublin for Aideen. Eivor caught sight of Aideen, who was browsing around a market, and assassinated her, ending her influence in Dublin. Eivor retrieved her amber shard and a clue involving another Child of Danu, "The Whisper."[2]

Behind the scenes

Aideen is a character introduced in Assassin's Creed: Valhalla's Wrath of the Druids DLC as one of the targets Eivor needed to hunt down.

The name Aideen is a Gaelic name and the female form of the name Aidan, meaning "little fire".



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