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Aiantides the Proud was a resident of Potidaia in Makedonia, Greece during the Peloponnesian War.


Around 429 BCE, Aiantides was held captive when his village was attacked and burned by acolytes hired by the Order of Hunters. He and a few other villagers were later rescued by the Spartan misthios Kassandra when she came to investigate the burning village.[1]

Unable or unwilling to accept being in Kassandra's debt for freeing him, Aiantides left a resource package for her as thanks.[2] However, despite his apparent desire for that to be the end of their interaction, he observed himself to be once more indebted to her as she slew the member of the Order known as the Recruiter, for the Recruiter had held his meetings at the farm of Aiantides' brother.[3]

Aiantides subsequently travelled to Achaia, where he came across Kassandra during her hunt for the Order of the Storm.[4]

Hearing a business proposal from a friend in Messenia, Aiantides travelled there in hopes of making a fortune and ended up being sold as a slave, becoming a prisoner amongst the helots near Messene. He was once again rescued by Kassandra who was in the region hunting the Order of Dominion. Kassandra defeated the guards and escorted Aiantides to safety and later gave Aiantides the option to pay off his debts to her by working as a crew member on her ship.[5]




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