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"This is not God's will, but madness! I'll go to him myself!"
―Ahmad upon hearing of his son's impending execution, 1191.[src]

Ahmad (died 1191) was a citizen of Jerusalem during the late 12th century.

By 1191, the city was ruled by Majd Addin, who arrested and executed numerous people on dubious charges. Ahmad's son was eventually taken by the city guard and sentenced to death while Ahmad himself was away from home. When an acquaintance told him, they rushed to the execution, overseen by Majd Addin himself, to save Ahmad's son.

Upon arrival, the two rushed at the stage with swords drawn, declaring the execution unjust, but Ahmad's companion was shot dead by one of the archers nearby, while Ahmad was cut down by another guard. Majd Addin then claimed before the crowd that the two had been corrupted by the evil of others.