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Aguilar de Nerha's journal was a personal journal written by the Assassin Aguilar de Nerha, during the Reconquista. It detailed several important events in the Spanish Brotherhood's fight against the forces of the Templar-backed Spanish Inquisition.


The Chapter House
Now that our new base of operations is secured, it is time to focus on our main task. We need to stop Torquemada, and to do so we must first discover what he has planned.

His trusted lieutenant Ojeda has been known to visit a local Dominican Chapter House. The friars there may hold knowledge we require to begin our fight. We will pay them a visit without attracting attention.

The Merchant of Death
Our visit to the Dominican Chapter House yielded no information concerning Ojeda; he has not been there for weeks.

However, we have discovered correspondence between Ojeda and a corrupt merchant of Murcia. This man sells the seized properties of victims of the Inquisitions, sharing his profits with the Inquisitors.

The Pen and the Sword
We have struck a blow to the Inquisition's financial state in Murcia by killing their corrupt merchant associate.

While searching his accounting books, we noted numerous payments made to a Scribe of the Inquisition. Surely this man exists to chronicle Torquemada's atrocities and secrets. He may have precious information that could help us in our struggle against the Templars.

Supply Switch
We retrieved the Inquisition Scribe's journal and at last have a lead regarding Torquemada's plans. Inquisitor Gustavo Ramírez is one of his "Dogs of the Lord". At the Grand Inquisitor's request, Ramírez has been spreading misery throughout Murcia, and has established a small but well-protected stronghold on the outskirts of the province. Ramírez must be dealt with.

But to do so, we first need to infiltrate the Abbey de la Fuensanta, where there waits a shipment of supplies for Ramírez's stronghold. Rumor has it that set of orders for Ramírez also travels with it. We will retrieve the intel, and use it to plan our attack.

Death to Ramírez
Our visit to the Abbey de la Fuensanta was fruitful. We have learned that Ramírez's stronghold should now be guarded by a smaller force, and we have stolen the supplies intended for his men. By redistributing them to local citizens who live in fear under the Inquisitor's ruthless control, we have done what we could to heal the wounds that Ramírez has caused in Murcia.

And now, we are ready to strike. We will infiltrate Ramírez's stronghold and end his life.

On the Hunt for Ramírez
Because of Ojeda's warning, Inquisitor Ramírez evaded our attack on his stronghold in Murcia. We were unable to stop his flight to Saragossa. We have followed Inquisitor Ramírez to an outpost on the edge of the city. We must not lose track of him!

The Auto-Da-Fé
We tracked Inquisitor Ramírez to an outpost, but were too late; he has gone into hiding. We have acquired intelligence that suggests he has something of great value in his possession.

We also learned that he ordered his most loyal Executioner to burn a dozen innocents in the town square tomorrow morning. The Executioner must be stopped at all cost. Then we will get sure that Ramírez is stopped once and for all!

The Artifact
It is a good day, as we freed the world from the Executioner of Saragossa, thereby saving dozens of innocents from fiery death. As he died, he confessed that Ramírez retrieved a precious artifact from St. Rafael Abbey on his way into hiding. We will search the Abbey for clues to the nature of this mysterious artifact. Could it be a Piece of Eden that he possesses, or some other powerful artifact? We must find out!

A Lap Dog's Death
Our search of St Rafael Abbey revealed critical intelligence: Torquemada seeks the Apple of Eden! He schemes ferociously for information regarding its location.

Meanwhile, Ramírez hunts for the three pieces of the Staff of Eden, another long-forgotten artifact with the power to secure the Inquisition's hold on Spain. Could he already have the first piece? Ramírez's Lieutenant Cadavid may have the answer. He is recruiting at a local mercenary base.

The Breaching of Sádaba Castle
With his dying breath, Lieutenant Cadavid confirmed a terrible truth: Ramírez has acquired the first piece of the Staff! He currently hides in Sádaba Castle with his bodyguard, Captain Ordóñez, until they can safely transport it to the Royal Monastery of Saint-Thomas.

Sábada Castle is the most fortified structure in Aragon. This will be no easy task.

The Monastery of St. Lucia
Ramírez escaped with the first piece of the Staff of Eden during the chaos of the battle at Sádaba Castle, but we learned the location of the second piece. A group of Dominican monks loyal to Ramírez are holding it for him at the Monastery of St. Lucia. The Black Knight of the Inquisition, Ojeda, has been spotted on his way there. We must be prepared!

A War of Attrition
We succeeded in preventing the Templars from acquiring the second piece of the Staff of Eden. It is now hidden in a safe location. However, Torquemada has escalated his aggression, sending the Spanish Army directly to bear on the province of Granada and its Sultan Muhammad XII. Torquemada has learned that the Sultan hides the true location of the Apple of Eden.

Spain's army currently prepares to lay siege to Fort Baza. We must make this a battle of attrition and fortitude. Our plan is to deprive the Spanish army of its food and supplies to weaken their offensive.

The Supply Train
Destroying the Spanish army's supplies damaged their morale and forced them to resupply.

There is a new shipment coming from Seville, we plan to disrupt it in order to further frustrate the Inquisition's plans to lay siege to Granada.

We have received intelligence that orders destined for Captain Ordóñez will also be sent with the supplies. It is imperative that we intercept them!

Retiring Captain Ordóñez
Our regular strikes to damage the Spanish army's supplies have lowered their morale, but to ensure victory we must remove the hand that cracks the whip against their back.

The letter we retrieved in Seville allowed us to confirm Captain Ordóñez's presence in Jaén. By eliminating him, we will further throw the Spanish plans into disarray.

Ammunition Ablaze
We have eliminated Ordóñez, but Fort Baza has been lost. Now the Spanish heavy artillery is free to move in to threaten Granada itself.

Over the last weeks, our spies have learned of an outpost that stores the majority of their gunpowder. We must pray that we can slip past its defenses and overcome its fortifications, and destroy their supply.

A Spy Among Us
Destroying their gunpowder supply set the Spanish army back, but after months of defending Granada from their assault, we have been betrayed!

A corrupt Royal Engineer has agreed to meet with Ojeda and show him a secret entrance into the city. The abandoned district outside Granada where they intend to meet will be well guarded, but we must reach it and silence the traitor before it is too late!

The Fall of Granada
For many years the Brotherhood has done everything in its power to protect Granada and the Apple of Eden that the Sultan holds for us. Despite our many sacrifices and efforts, the city has finally fallen to the Templar Order in the guise of the Spanish army, directed by Torquemada.

Torquemada and the army of the Inquisition are entering the Alhambra, and there is nothing we can do to prevent them. They intend to force our ally the Sultan to give up the Apple of Eden by threatening his son.

We must prevent the Apple of Eden from falling into Templar hands at all costs!

The Rescue of a Northern Ally
We must continue to hound Torquemada's agents and stop the Templar plans! We have learned that Inquisitor Ramírez, whom we failed to eliminate at Sábada Castle, has gone to northern Spain.

It is a region unfamiliar to us, and we must seek intelligence regarding Ramírez's plans concerning the third section of the Staff of Eden. Our Brotherhood has a northern bureau, managed by Diego de Alvarado. He should have the information we need to plan our next course of action.

Stealth in Sahagún
We successfully secured Alvarado's release from the Inquisitorial dungeon, saving him from torture and death. Alvarado has confirmed that Ramírez himself is here in the north! If we could find him and stop him from acquiring the final section of the Staff of Eden, we would score a major blow against Torquemada.

Alvarado has also given us the location of Chacon, one of Ramírez's lieutenants in the region. Together we will go to Sahagún, eliminate this Lieutenant Chacon, and search for any useful information he may possess regarding the hunt for the third section of the Staff of Eden.

The León Lead
We have eliminated Chacon, Ramírez's lieutenant in Sahagún, and the citizens are now freed from his harassment. His journal tells is that a Lieutenant del Salto is in charge of consolidating information about the mission section of the Staff of Eden, sent to him by lieutenants throughout northern Spain.

Del Salto had made his headquarters in a villa near León. If we can steal the information he has collected, we may be able to use it to locate the missing section of the Staff... or possibly Ramírez himself!

The Abbot Extraction
The intel we collected from Lieutenant del Salto's villa in León tells us that Ramírez has ordered the capture and torture of a sect of monks from the Asturias mountains They are said to honor a fragment of Saint James' golden staff, which could be the third section of the Staff of Eden.

The monks are being held in the slums of Oviedo. We must infiltrate the place, free the monks, and learn as much as possible about their relic, in order to ascertain if it is indeed the section of the Staff the Inquisition seeks.

Sobroso Surprise
Although we were too late to catch Ramírez, we have rescued the abbot and the monks of the Asturias mountains from torture. The abbot has told us the location of their sacred relic, which we believe to unquestionably be the third section of the Staff of Eden. Pedro Madruga, a friend of the monastery, hid it for the monks long ago in his castle of Sobroso; the abbot has begged us to retrieve it from the now uninhabited castle to keep it out of the hands of the Inquisition.

We must hurry to retrieve the artifact before Ramírez's lieutenants have a chance to learn of its location!

A Brother's Betrayal
It is devastating to realize that one of our own brothers has betrayed us. Alvarado, our contact in northern Spain, has been working as a double agent, spying for Ramírez since we arrived. Once we had uncovered the location of the third piece of the Staff of Eden, he led the Inquisition straight there and laid hands on it before we could.

We have followed his trail, and it leads to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. We speculate that Ramírez will be waiting there under heavy guard to receive the relic from Alvarado. We must infiltrate the cathedral and locate Ramírez, to retrieve the section of the Staff and to finally eliminate him once and for all.

Higher Education
Alvarado has shown his true face! He slew Ramírez and escaped with the third piece of the Staff of Eden, cursing us all. He plans to claim Torquemada's reward for himself and disappear.

Alvarado may know the location of the second piece, which we took from Ojeda at the Monastery of St. Lucia. Our allies at the University of Salamanca will not be prepared if he finds them. We must go there at once!

We will travel to Salamanca and stop Alvarado from getting the final Staff piece. If he does, it could be disastrous, as he will surely give the artifact to Torquemada. This could very well render us incapable of opposing the Inquisition.

We must protect the Staff, and, if possible, repay the turncloak for his treachery.

Pieces of Silver
We were too late. Alvarado slew our allies at Salamanca and took the Staff piece.

The traitor went to ground afterward and picking up his trail has been greatly vexing. The Inquisition has influenced the Royal tercios to flood the countryside.

We have been blindly groping after Alvarado's trail while dodging Royal patrols. We may finally have a lead.

It seems Alvarado has been hiding out in some old ruins between Salamanca and Ávila. We make for his hideout, where we will finally corner Alvarado and pay him his just reward.

Stealing Toledo
Alvarado has paid for his deceits, but had revealed his final treachery just before his death. Torquemada has all the pieces of the Staff of Eden. Our nightmares are made real.

Torquemada has made no overt use of the Staff, but his Inquisition has increased its presence across the country. Torquemada himself has not appeared in public for years, but we know he is fortifying himself at the Monastery of Saint Thomas Aquinas in Ávila.

We lack the numbers to face the Inquisition directly. We will need to procure outside help. We have cultivated tenuous friendships and some of Spain's mercenary captains. It is time we put these connections to good use.

They will not work for free, though. We know of a royal armory caravan currently camped in the Toledo mountains. We will raid the camp and relieve them of the weapons they are transporting, fresh from the forges. There will be a few rare Toledo swords among them. We should be able to use those to entice one or two mercenary captains.

We have secured the aid of a company of mercenaries and they move to lauch their raid on the Monastery of Saint Thomas. Torquemada has been holed up there for weeks, and we are sure he is well guarded.

While the Inquisition's forces are distracted, the Brotherhood will sneak into the Monastery, retrieve the Staff, and finally kill Torquemada. He has had years to study the Staff; we must steel ourselves. He could bring any manner of devilry to bear.

It has come time to strike the final blow against Torquemada and his followers. It is time to free the people of Spain.

The Forge

Torquemada has found a way to use the Staff to create murderous phantoms, which now block our path! But, we must press on!

Beneath the monastery, there are strange tunnels. The stonework seems beyond the skill of any mortal mason. What has the Inquisition uncovered here? Could these be the ruins of the Ancients?

We must enter these mysterious halls and discover what secrets the Inquisition has unearthed here. It is likely that the Grand Inquisitor waits to face us below.

The chances for victory have grown thin. I am not sure we can win this. But, no matter what happens, we give our lives to the Creed.