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Agrippa (died 47 BCE) was a Roman legate who served as a general under Flavius Metellus, the proconsul of Cyrenaica during the 1st century BCE.


During the mid-1st century BCE, Agrippa oversaw the Kyrenaika Roman Citadel located in the Green Mountains region, constructing various weapons in preparation for war. He was also tasked with keeping an eye on the Roman engineer, Vitruvius, who was constructing an aqueduct in the region to supply water to the surrounding farmlands. However, at some point during 47 BCE, the construction grew to a halt, leading Agrippa to lose patience with Vitruvius.[1] This led him to send men to find out why.[2]

In addition, Agrippa also used Vitruvius' formula that he'd written when younger, to develop a weapon for the Roman army, capable of mass destruction. Vitruvius, deeming it to be too dangerous, had attempted to destroy his formula. But, unbeknowst to Vitruvius, Agrippa had a copy made and thus continued the production of the weapon.[3]

That year, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa rescued the farmer Kade from the citadel. Kade told Bayek about Agrippa's production of the weapons, and pointed the Medjay towards Vitruvius. Bayek confronted the engineer at the aqueduct site. Clearing up the misunderstanding, Vitruvius requested Bayek to eliminate Agrippa and recover his formula. Bayek agreed to do so and thus returned to the citadel, where he eliminated the Roman general and recovered Vitruvius' formula, ending Agrippa's preparations for war.[3]



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