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This article is about the agora in Cyrene. For other uses, see Agora.
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ACO Cyrene Agora District Concept Art by Eddie Bennun

Concept Art Cyrene's Agora district

The Agora of Cyrene was the main central public square of the ancient Greek city of Cyrene.  It was also the athletic, artistic, mercantile, political and spiritual center of the city.  


In 47 BCE, the Medjay Bayek of Siwa came to Cyrene in search of the Roman proconsul and leader of the Order of the AncientsFlavius Metellus. On the way there, he met a Greek woman named Praxilla. After helping her, she advised Bayek to meet with a man named Diocles in the Agora to discuss Flavius. On reaching the city and the Agora, Diocles was arguing with a citizen about the corrupt magistrate of Cyrene, Leander. Bayek approached Diocles and explained his reasons for coming. Diocles instructed Bayek that Flavius ruled from the city Roman Akropolis, which was surrounded by Roman soldiers. As Bayek made his way through the Agora, he encountered several orators spewing the Order of the Ancients' doctrine, which he spurned.[1]

At some point after Bayek killed Flavius, he met with a smuggler named Sminthos, known by his moniker "Mouse", whom Bayek helped on more than one occasion.[2]

Behind the scenes

The mosaic seen in the agora concept art appears to be inspired by the Stag Hunt Mosaic from Pella. The mosaic, however, doesn't appear in game.

The lion statue in the agora concept art is based on the lion statue from the sanctuary of Apollo in Cyrene. The statue, however, doesn't appear in game.



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