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Agneta Reider

Agneta Reider is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Abstergo Financial Group, promoted following years of employment as their Chief Financial Officer, and a member of the Inner Sanctum of the Templar Order.[1]


In October 2016, she was present during the induction of Simon Hathaway into the Inner Sanctum.[2] Ten days later, Reider was among those who voted to clear Hathaway of all the charges brought against him, convinced by his speech and that his shady actions were in fact carried out for the benefit of the Templar Order.[3]

In March 2017, the Inner Sanctum invited the new Black Cross to a meeting in Quebec, during which Reider was present. Displeased that he auto-proclaimed himself their inquisitor, they threatened him and demanded to know his identity. The masked man responded that he came only as a courtesy, to inform them that he was investigating an hostile fifth column within the Order. After affirming his independance, the Black Cross dropped a smoke bomb and disappeared.[4]

At some point, Reider secretly assigned her best man, Fahad Khan, as head of Project Lighthouse, an attempt by Abstergo Financial Group to covertly take over the Dark Web. However, Reider chose to not involve the Order into the project, keeping her initiative a secret known from only her and Khan.[5]

In late 2019, Reider was assaulted by Aliyah Khan and Assassin My'shell Lemair in London, as the Templar was attending a "Women in Business" convention in the Four Seasons Hotel. The two women were looking for information on the whereabouts of Khan's estranged father, after the later had abducted Gavin Banks. As Reider went to the restroom during the convention dinner, she was followed by Aliyah Khan. Ironically, before working with the Assassins, the young woman viewed Reider as her personal hero for the woman's business acumen and leadership.[5]

Despite being hit repeatedly by My'shell, whose timely arrival rescued Aliyah from Reider's bodyguard, she refused to cooperate. But after being threatened to have her duplicity revealed to her fellow Templars, Reider told them that Banks and Khan were at the Newton Analytica headquarters, another of her side projects. Using a taser, the two women severely incapacitated Reider, only to respect their promise to spare her if she told them what they wanted to know.[5]

Behind the scenes

Agneta Reider is a character introduced in the 2016 book Assassin's Creed: Heresy. She makes her voiced debut in the 2020 audiobook Assassin's Creed: Gold, where she is voiced by actress Rachel Atkins.