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An Assassin in Agnadello

Agnadello is a village in Italy. In the late 15th century, it was a base for the Assassin Order, where they protected the Piece of Eden known as the Shroud.


Keeper of the Shroud

"I will take the baby to Agnadello, where supposed miracles lie in wait."
Perotto Calderon.[src]

Perotto fighting off the Assassins of Agnadello

In 1498, the Assassin Perotto Calderon sought out Rinaldo Vitturi, the Keeper of the Shroud, who lived in Agnadello. Perotto thought that the Shroud could heal his son, who had been diagnosed to die soon after birth; however, he killed many of his Brothers and broke the tenets of the Creed in his desperation.[1]

The Assassins of Agnadello did not wish for the artifact to be used for such a selfish purpose, and thus travelled to intercept Perotto. Despite the dangers of Perotto's anguish, the Assassins faced him fairly, and fought him one at a time. However, Perotto eventually broke through the defenders and reached Rinaldo's home.[1]

He was able to use the Shroud to heal his son, but was later tracked down by another group of Assassins, who had followed him from Rome. In the outskirts of Agnadello, the team surrounded and executed him.[1]


Truce PL

Francesco facing Rinaldo in Agnadello

Outraged by the execution of Perotto, several Assassins left the Order, and took refuge in Agnadello. In 1503, Francesco Vecellio led a team there to search for the deserters, and discover their intentions.[2]

The young Assassin team was surprised to discover Rinaldo among them, and Francesco spoke with him at length on why they had left. Rinaldo admitted that they could not understand why the Order did not wish to use the power of the Shroud for their own purposes, but at this, Francesco noted that he spoke with a Templar tongue.[2]

The deserters moved in on the team at this insult, but Rinaldo signaled them back. Eventually, Francesco simply offered them a chance to return to Rome and aid in the suppression of Cesare Borgia's forces, thus renewing the deserters' sense of purpose.[2]

Battle of Agnadello

PL Memory VyingForTheVillage

Agnadello in the aftermath of the attack

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In 1509, the forces of the French King Louis XII clashed with the Venetian army in Agnadello. The attack left the city in flames and the Venetian army scattered; however, a small detachment led by Bartolomeo d'Alviano managed to reach the safety of the village.[3]

After the soldiers had aided in the citizens in putting out the fires the battle had caused, the people helped them in turn, supplying them with food and weapons, as well as enlisting themselves into their service. However, the second wave of French forces tore through Agnadello's streets, breaking through the defenses they had erected, and killing or capturing all those who stood against them.[3]



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