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A Renaissance agile of Venice

The Agiles were lightly-armored guards employed by garrisons and armies during the renaissance era, They are excel at speed and agility, being able to easily dodge an attack from opponents and quickly deliver an attack of their own.

Due to their agility, they are often tasked with deliver or recovering important items and massages.

Characteristics and skills[]

AC2 Agile Combat

Ezio fighting an Agile

Agiles were equipped with light leather armor, allowing them to run much faster than their comrades, Their speed is able to surpass even those of an assassin such as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. However, their light armor is also their weakness as they did not provide much protection against attacks.[1]

To not hinder their own agility, They are exclusively armed with daggers, Which allowed them to quickly deliver strikes on their opponents, while also dodging attacks at the same time. [1]

Should their opponents decide to flee, Agiles also can easily catch up with them and strike the fleeing targets to hinder them and allow their slower comrades to catch up.[1]

The combat prowess of Agiles in Rome is superior to those of other cities, As they are much quicker and are equipped with higher-quality weapons and armor.[2]

The Agiles employed by Ottoman army in Constantinople are also armed with throwing-knives, Which allowed them to deliver an even faster attack, Which mostly doesn't even gave their opponents a time to defend.[3]

However, despite their impressive agility, They were still not able to dodge the ranged attacks from crossbows or throwing-knives.[1]