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A Renaissance agile of Venice

The Agiles were lightly-armored, quick moving guards. They were one of the few types capable of outrunning Assassins, and were also skilled free runners.

During pursuits alongside other guards, Agiles would usually catch up to a target first, and injure them with the short blades they wielded.


Ezio fighting an Agile

Agiles' attacks were neither powerful nor particularly damaging. Instead, they compensated with their speed, and their ability to dodge most enemy attacks. This rapid form of combat made them deadly in large groups.[1]

The Assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze could most easily defeat them with patience, by either taunting them or waiting for them to attack, then countering.[1] Roman Agiles were skilled enough to only be defeated in this manner, or during a kill streak.[2]

Alternatively, Agiles could be defeated with a chain of attacks, should they lower their arms and begin panting, indicating that they were tired. This tactic was explained to Ezio by the mercenary trainer in Monteriggioni.[1]

During pursuits, Agiles could follow a target easily across both streets and rooftops alike. They would often strike with a dagger as soon as they came within range, slowing the enemy down and allowing their allies to catch up.[1]


Agiles were found in all cities, though more often in the larger ones. They were usually found near more powerful guards, such as Brutes and Seekers.[1]

Certain Agiles possessed a shinier and more abstract armor design, distinguishing them as higher-ranked and more skillful than regular Agiles.[1]


Name Damage Speed Deflect
Stiletto 2 4 1
Sultan's Knife 3 5 3
Butcher Knife 4 3 5
Notched Cinquedea 5 5 4