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Agave was a Greek woman who lived in the outskirts of the Chora of Delphi during the 5th century BCE. She was the sister of the healer Lykaon and the granddaughter of Praxithea, an oracle who previously served as the Pythia in the Sanctuary of Delphi.


Agave and Lykaon's parents died while they were young, leaving their grandmother to raise them by themselves.[1] For some time, their grandmother served as the Pythia in Delphi who, unbeknownst to them both, was forced to deliver false prophecies by the Cult of Kosmos.[2] After Praxithea retired from the role of the Pythia sometime before the Peloponnesian War, her guilt eventually led her to confess what she had done to Agave and Lykaon, both of whom wanted to take matters into their own hands and bring her to justice.[2]

In 431 BCE, while her brother was away working in the Chora of Delphi, Agave was approached by a group of bandits seeking to take Praxithea away. Sensing an opportunity to be rid of her grandmother, Praxithea gave away the location of where she was staying. A while later, Agave was approached by Lykaon accompanied by the misthios Kassandra. Agave revealed what she had done, which led to a quarrel between her and her brother. Kassandra and Lykaon later deduced where Praxithea had been taken to and devised a plan to rescue her, without Agave's involvement.[2]


  • The name Agave is derived from the Greek word ἀγαυός (agauós), which means 'noble, illustrious'.




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