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Agaté's hut referred to a large treehouse and its surrounding area, located within the Louisiana Bayou. Constructed sometime around 1766 following an increase in Templar activity,[1] it served as a residence and hideout for the Assassin Mentor Agaté.

In 1777, Agaté met with his disciple, Aveline de Grandpré, outside his hut and attacked her after she had revealed her stepmother, Madeleine de L'Isle, to be the region's leading Templar. Despite his hallucinatory poisons, Aveline managed to chase him down to the top of the treehouse. Ashamed, he committed suicide by leaping off the platform, after which the hut was presumably abandoned.[2]


Although easy to spot from a distance, the treehouse was in fact difficult to reach, with both natural and manmade barricades preventing easy access. Located in a natural hollow, the hut consisted of several "floors". At ground level one could find a small training area with dummies, a campfire and a tiny cabin built into the base of the tree, which functioned as a dressing chamber.[3]

The first floor consisted of a large wooden platform, upon which a small residence and an adjoining cage for animals stood. Only by climbing the building could the second floor be reached, which featured a ritualistic altar and a ladder that led to the overhanging roof. From there, solely capable freerunners could ascend to the treehouse's top, using the tree's many branches.[3]


  • The path to the top of the treehouse had a slightly different structure in the HD remake, featuring an additional platform and handholds carved into the bark just below the tree's summit.
  • Agaté's hut was the only structure in the bayou that was clearly visible from New Orleans.