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Agapios was a slave who lived during the Peloponnesian War in Chalkis City in Euboea, Greece.


Younger years

Born and raised on the island of Skyros, Agapios used to play a game with his elder brother, Neritos, in which Agapios was called the 'Robin' and Neritos the 'Kingfisher'.[1]

At some point, their mother died, and their father took it hard. Neritos kept their family fed with his fishing. One day, Neritos didn't return from his fishing trip, and Agapios thought he had died, even making him a grave.[1] Sometime afterwards, Agapios' father sold him to slavery, and Agapios entered the service of the magistrate of Chalkis. In time, he rose to be the magistrate's most trusted servant.[2]

During the Peloponnesian War

By the Peloponnesian War, a criminal organization known as The Dagger had done their best to claim Euboea. Agapios' master, the magistrate, tasked him to uncover the leader of the Dagger as well as the reach of their whole operation.[2]

As the Spartan misthios Kassandra was passing through Chalkis, she happened to overhear Agapios talking with a man. Offering her help, she recovered records from the heavily guarded Chalkis Warehouse for Agapios, and the man offered the mercenary further work.[2] Meeting Agapios and his master at the Slave Market of Chalkis, Kassandra agreed to help them uncover the true identity of the leader of the Dagger, and demolish the group.[3]

Following Agapios' clues, Kassandra found out that the leader of the Dagger was Agapios' brother, Neritos. They faced him at the Temple of Achilles on Skyros, and after learning that Neritos was unwilling to change his ways, Kassandra killed him.[4]


  • Depending on choices made in The Kingfisher and the Robin, Agapios can be killed by his brother. If he survives, Agapios is released from his servitude and remains the magistrate's friend, in Euboea.[4]
  • The name is derived from the Greek word, and feminine name, ἀγάπη (agápē), meaning 'love, affection'.



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