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"It is believed Minerva wore this protective outfit while in combat. There's a reason people believe she was the goddess of war!"
Shaun Hastings' notes for the Helix initiate, 2015.[src]

The Aegis

The Aegis was an ancient outfit belonging to the Isu scientist Minerva. It functioned as an armor that limited ranged and melee damage while increasing blade-based damage output, leaving little wonder why the humans of ancient times believed her to be the goddess of war.

The Assassin Michel Reuge found it near Bath in England and later stored it in a vault in London. In 1868, Jacob and Evie Frye solved the puzzle of Reuge's vault by collecting all Secrets of London and Evie claimed the outfit for her own usage.[1]



  • When the Aegis was worn, some sort of visible magnetic field was activated around its wearer.
  • In Greco-Roman mythology, the Aegis is sometimes depicted as a shield with the image of Medusa's head emblazoned on it. Other sources state that it was a cuirass. What it was made of, or how and by whom, is debated, alternatives including the hide of baby Zeus' wet-nurse goat Amalthea, by Hephaistos and the Cyclopes, and even that it was the skin of a slain Gorgon.




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