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Advanced Tactics was a virtual representation of one of Ezio Auditore da Firenze's genetic memories, relived by Desmond Miles in 2012 through the Animus.


Yusuf Tazim was informed about a Byzantine attack against the city's Assassin den. Ezio Auditore agreed to help Yusuf.


  • Ezio: I am impressed, Yusuf. My brothers in Roma would like this.
  • Yusuf: Just give credit where it is due.

Yusuf's lieutenant Kasim approached them.

  • Kasim: Yusuf, cabuk buraya gel! (Yusuf, come quickly!)
  • Yusuf: Eh?
  • Kasim: An attack on two fronts! Galata and the Grand Bazaar.
  • Yusuf: Every day, the same bad news.

Yusuf turned to Ezio.

  • Yusuf: How is your appetite for swordplay?
  • Ezio: I do what I must.
  • Yusuf: Good man.

Ezio and Yusuf made their way to the rooftops.

  • Yusuf: When he tires of running, an Assassin must take to the air. Watch.

Yusuf used his Hookblade to slide across a zipline and Ezio followed him. After reaching the opposite rooftop, Yusuf spotted two Templar scouts.

  • Yusuf: A Templar scout. And another one there. Watch this.

Yusuf assassinated one of the scouts from the zipline, before luring the second scout for Ezio to kill, by hiding and mimicking his victim, shouting out a false call for assistance.

  • Yusuf: Assassin! Help!

Ezio followed him along the zipline and assassinated the guard inspecting the dead scout.

  • Yusuf: Time to part company. I'll head to the Bazaar, you stay here. Do you see that tower?
  • Ezio: Sì. (Yes.) The Galata den?
  • Yusuf: Evet. (Yes.) I can't be in two places at once... but with you here, I don't have to be. Haydi rastgele. (Good luck.)


Ezio Auditore was escorted to the Galata den and was requested to defend it while Yusuf attended to the other den in the Imperial District.



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