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This article is about the trireme. You may be looking for the Greek goddess.

The Adrestia was a 5th century BCE Greek trireme captained by the naval captain Barnabas and in service of the Spartan misthios Kassandra.


Before 431 BCE, the Adrestia was under the command of the Cyclops of Kephallonia, who had hired Barnabas' crew before the former's death at the hands of Kassandra.[3] Following the Cyclops' demise, Barnabas and the Adrestia served at Kassandra's disposal as they traveled the Aegean Sea seeking to defeat the Cult of Kosmos and reunite her family.[4]

Over the course of these travels, the Adrestia served as a home to the crew, Barnabas, and Kassandra, as well as briefly to a number of passengers, including but not limited to the hetaera Aspasia[5] and Kleio[6], the pankratist Testikles[7], and the pirate captain Gotarzes.[8]

The Adrestia remained in the service of Kassandra during her departure from Greece and travels across the world to search for Isu vaults and Artifacts until its eventual end. By the 9th century, the ship's banner was used by Kassandra for her longship during her journey to the Isle of Skye.[9]


The Adrestia was a single-sailed trireme with an above-deck crew of 30 and a below-deck crew of at least 170 who rowed the vessel. Its above-deck crew were armed with bows and arrows, javelins, and fire braziers. The Adrestia's storage capacity allowed up to 350 armor and weaponry to be stored in it.[4] Attached to its main mast was the Message board. Around 422 BCE, the Adrestia was outfitted with the Chimera's Breath, a flamethrower of sorts originally intended for the Skylla.[10]

At her strongest, the Adrestia possessed a sizable amount of iron-plating reinforcement across her hull, which provided ample protection in combat against a number of heavy triremes. This hull made it possible for the Adrestia to cleave enemy ships in half. The trireme was able to disable and destroy any type of ship, given the proper strategy in battle.[4]

Notable conflicts

During the Peloponnesian War the Adrestia sunk and destroyed several ships under the command of the Cult of Kosmos, the Order of the Ancients, pirates, merchants, mercenaries, Spartans, and Athenians.


Dependent on the choices made within Layla Hassan's Animus HR-8.5 simulated environment:

The following could be added to the crew, within Layla Hassan's Animus HR-8.5 simulated environment, via the use of Animus mods:

Behind the scenes


Through crafting, Kassandra could upgrade the Adrestia in a number of ways to enhance its weapons strength, hull durability, speed, and crew gear. By upgrading the ship, the default sails and finery also changed, proceeding from plain, simple, and rugged to vibrant, elaborate, and lavish.

Ship cosmetics

A wide variety of figureheads, ship designs and crew themes are available for the Adrestia.


Image Name Description Availability
ACOD Abstergo Figurehead.png
Abstergo Figurehead A vision of the future, rooted in the past, or just in the spellbinding symmetry of the artist's muse... Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Athena's Owl Figurehead.png
Athena's Owl Athenians are known for their pursuit of wisdom and knowledge, so what better symbol than Athena's wise old owl. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Celestial Figurehead.png
Celestial Figurehead A transcendent vision of wild horses that will help lead their crew through adversity. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Dreadful Head of the Formidable.png
Dreadful Head of the Formidable All who lay eyes on this head will shudder at its very might, as if Poseidon's anger could be felt through it. Defeat the Order of the Storm member Nestor
ACOD Eagle Figurehead.png
Eagle Enemies would panic like field mice when faced with a ship bearing an Eagle figurehead soaring down on them. Poseidon's Fury
ACOD Hydra Figurehead.png
Hydra Figurehead Adorning the Hydra upon your ship speaks of a desire to emulate its violent nature and lethality. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Lion Figurehead.png
Lion The mighty lion figurehead helped inspire crews to acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. Alekto Shipwreck
ACOD Medusa Figurehead.png
Medusa Those who saw a ship with a Medusa figurehead strapped to its prow knew their fate was sealed. Writhing Dread defeated
ACOD Mermaid Figurehead.png
Mermaid Since we first sailed the sea, tales have been told of beautiful watery creatures that would drag sailors into the deep. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Minotaur Figurehead.png
Minotaur The Minotaur figurehead denoted a ship that reveled in its power to smash the opposition. Minotaur defeated
ACOD No Figurehead.png
No Figurehead The Adrestia has no figurehead. Default
ACOD Octopus Figurehead.png
Octopus Those that bore the figurehead of the octopus sent their enemies a single message – that they would meet their end in the depths. Attila Shipwreck
ACOD Pegasos Figurehead.png
Pegasos Seen as a blessing from the gods, the Pegasos figurehead indicated a ship that prized speed and grace above all things. Olympic Shipwreck
ACOD Poseidon Figurehead.png
Poseidon Poseidon, Zeus's brother and god of the sea is depicted with his trident, which was allegedly forged by the Cyclopes. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Reaper Figurehead.png
Reaper This grim figurehead appears as if straight out of Hades and will send all but the bravest scurrying to shore. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Skylla Figurehead.png
Skylla A representation of Skylla, first mentioned in Homer's Odyssey, who would trap sailors between herself and Kharybdis. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Serpent Figurehead.png
Serpent Those who bore the figurehead of the snake marked themselves out as cunning adversaries. Shipwreck of Nestor
Shark Purchase the Shark Naval Pack DLC.
ACOD Sphinx Figurehead.png
Sphinx The sphinx figurehead adorned the ships of strategists and was preferred by those who valued tactics over brute force. Sphinx defeated
ACOD Sphinx DLC Figurehead.png
Sphinx Figurehead Those who could not answer the Sphinx were dealt with mercilessly, as are all opponents of those who sail with her at their heads. Purchase the Sphinx Naval Pack DLC.

Crew themes

Image Name Description Availability
ACOD Abstergo Soldiers Crew.png
Abstergo Soldiers A crew that was said to engulf their opponents, surrounding them in seconds and crushing them into submission. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Assassins (Female) Crew Theme.png
Assassins (Female) These mysterious hooded individuals are masters at stealth, lightly armored, and lightning fast. Available through Ubisoft Club
ACOD Assassins (Male) Crew Theme.png
Assassins (Male) These are those who prefer not to look their foe in the eye before they kill them, those who prefer the shadows and a blade in the back to more honorable methods of combat. Available through Ubisoft Club
ACOD Athenians Crew Theme.png
Athenians The Hoplites may have been the backbone of the Athenian army, but Athens' military might was always its navy. Phaleron Sunken Harbor
ACOD Bandits (Female) Crew Theme.png
Bandits (Female) Everyone suffered during the Peloponnesian War. It destroyed families, homes, and lives. Many fled and sought to find a new life out on the ocean, far from the conflict. Sunken Wreck of Datis
ACOD Bandits (Male) Crew Theme.png
Bandits (Male) Many take to the sea to escape their crimes. Here they can remain anonymous and find camaraderie amongst their cohorts, or continue a life of crime and become pirates. Sunken Wreck of Datis
ACOD Barbarians Crew Theme.png
Barbarians Not all the world is as civilized as Greece, and like moths to the flame these barbarians head towards us seeking to earn their fortune by fair means or foul. Underwater Cavern in Attika
ACOD Barnabas' Crew Theme.png
Barnabas's Crew A ragtag assortment of sailors from across the Greek isles. Default Skin
ACOD Capricornus Sailors Crew Theme.png
Capricornus Sailors Capricornus Sailors were dedicated to ramming and boarding actions – they always prefer to take their enemies head on. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Cult of Kosmos Crew Theme.png
Cult of Kosmos Some in the Cult just sought a strong leader to follow, so it was only natural some would head to the sea. Palace of Amphitrite
ACOD Cultists Crew Theme.png
Cultists Entranced by ideals, or wrapped in the dreams of history, who can tell why some people follow other along such ruinous paths? Kill The Hydra
ACOD Daughters of Artemis Crew Theme.png
Daughters of Artemis Artemis, the daughter of Zeus and Leto, was the goddess of chastity, the hunt, and the moon. Her followers consider themselves guardians of the natural world and are fierce defenders of it. Complete the Daughters of Artemis questline
ACOD Elite Athenians Crew Theme.png
Elite Athenians We can thank Themistokles for making Athens the major naval power in the Aegean. Paid crews and superior strategy as proven at the Battle of Salamis sealed their dominance over the waves for a time. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Elite Spartans Crew Theme.png
Elite Spartans Though Spartans are often thought of as formidable opponents on land, they were to be feared at sea, too. The Peloponnesian War was won in part de to their navy and formidable commanders like Lysander. Prototype Trireme of Ameinokles
ACOD Ferrymen Crew Theme.png
Ferrymen They dressed to strike fear in the hearts of their opponents, but it was tales of their brutality that made men shiver in their beds. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Followers of Ares (Female) Crew Theme.png
Followers of Ares (Female) The Followers of Ares were brutal and unforgiving, even by fanatical standards. Any ship that has them as part of a boarding party is rightly feared, for no quarter is ever given. Dorion Underwater Cave
ACOD Followers of Ares (Male) Crew Theme.png
Followers of Ares (Male) Few follow Ares, for it is not a path that tends to lead to a happy ending... But those who do make dedicated combatants. Dorion Underwater Cave
ACOD Gang Members Crew Theme.png
Gang Members Some people grow up hard and never see the light at the end, but there's no one better to have by your side in a fight. Ubisoft Club
ACOD The Godlings Crew Skin.png
The Godlings Seeking to copy the heroic Herakles, many like-minded people gathered and aspire to attain his lofty legend. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Greek Athletes (Female) Crew Theme.png
Greek Athletes (Female) Competing at the Olympics was the crowning achievement for an athlete, but that is only once every four years. In between there was no better way to keep in shape than to crew a ship. Complete Olympics questline
ACOD Male Greek Athletes Crew Theme.png
Greek Athletes (Male) Competing at the Olympics was the crowning achievement for an athlete, but that is only once every four years. In between there was no better way to keep in condition than to crew a ship. Complete Olympics questline
ACOD The Held Crew Theme.png
The Held Cunning tacticians who preferred to pin their "prey," limiting their mobility. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Host Crew Theme.png
The Host The crew appeared luminescent in an almost supernatural light. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Hush.png
The Hush Not much is known about this crew apart from its expertise as sailors. Purchase the Sphinx Naval Pack DLC.
ACOD Medjays Crew Theme.png
Medjays An elite Egyptian force, renowned as scouts, enforcers, and protectors of their people. Acquired through the Ubisoft Club
ACOD Monger's Men Crew Theme.png
Monger's Men Many of the Monger's men could never return to the life they knew once freed. Whether to redeem themselves or to escape the past, they took to the sea. Kill the Monger
ACOD Persians Crew Theme.png
Persians Though the greatest of Greece's enemies, in times of peace many Persians could be found working the waterways and crewing ships to earn their passage. Persian Remains
ACOD Pirates of the Aegean Crew Theme.png
Pirates of the Aegean The waters of the Aegean were rich pickings for pirates due to the trade routes with Egypt. Part of the Twitch Prime reward
ACOD Scions Crew Theme.png
Scions Followers willing to lay down their life for a cause, but trained to sell it dearly. Palace of Amphitrite
ACOD Sirens Crew Theme.png
Sirens The tales of those who were lured to their death by the Sirens were more rooted in fact than people know... Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Spartans Crew Theme.png
Spartans From the age of 7, Spartan boys would begin intensive state sponsored education and military training known as the agoge, enforcing discipline and duty to produce the perfect soldier. Ariabignes Shipwreck
ACO Teethers Crew Theme.png
Teethers It was said there were crews that prayed to sharks, and that filed their teeth to shake their opponents when they boarded them. Purchase the Shark Naval Pack DLC.
ACOD Warriors Crew Theme.png
Warriors Born to perform and trained to kill, warriors and their blades are always welcome in any crew. Defeat level 50 Titos, the Rock of Athens, at the Arena
ACOD The Water Born Crew Theme.png
The Water Born Fearless warriors on the water, believing that if they fell Poseidon would catch them and make them rise anew. Available through the Helix Store

Ship designs

Image Name Description Availability
ACOD The Adrestia ship design.png
The Adrestia The eagle depicted was an omen of both good luck for those who bear it, and bad for those who see it. This symbol has become iconic since Homer's tale of the beleagured city of Troy in the Iliad. Default Skin
ACOD The Aegean Pirate Ship Design.png
The Aegean Pirate The mythical creature motifs on this ship cause most merchants to quickly surrender. Part of the Twitch Prime reward
ACOD Artemision Ship Design.png
Artemision With its aggressively elegant design, the

Artemision cut through enemy fleets with the grace of a deadly dance - a dance that happened over and over again.

Defeat the legendary ship Artemision
ACOD The Babylonian ship design.png
The Babylonian Interaction with Babylonians provided much of the foundation work for the science and mathematics that the Greeks expanded upon. Acquired through Ubisoft Club
ACOD The Black Wind ship design.png
The Black Wind Few ships instilled fear in sailors like the Black Wind. Among those who laid eyes on the Black Wind's sails, few survived. Fewer still sailed the Aegean for fear of crossing its course again. Defeat the legendary ship Black Wind
ACOD The Capricornus Ship Design.png
The Capricornus Perfect for ships specialized in ramming tactics. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Celestial Ship Design.png
The Celestial A unique and formidable design alien to these shores, yet strangely familiar... Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Child of Typhon.png
The Child of Typhon The fearsome Typhon attempted to overthrow Zeus and the two fought a cataclysmic battle, but Zeus eventually triumphed. Some say Typhon was buried in Boeotia, others that he was cast into Tartaros. Defeat the alpha ship Damysos east of Nisyros
ACOD The Chimera ship design.png
The Chimera The Chimera, a fearsome creature that's an amalgamation of a goat, lion, and snake by Homer in his much-admired

Iliad. Bellerophon eventually slew it with the aid of Pegasos.

Smuggler's Shipwreck
ACOD The Colors of Keos ship design.png
The Colors of Keos For those that Xenia deems worthy, she bestows upon their vessel a design that is instantly recognisable and feared by all who sail the Aegean. Accept the side quest Recruitment Drive
ACOD The Crusher Ship Design.png
The Crusher Sometimes it is better not to choose between two evils, but to just choose them both. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Delos Ship Design.png
Delos In the days of war, no greater fleet sailed than the Delian League's. And there was no greater ship in that fleet than the Delos. On its course, the sea ran red with the blood of those foolish enough to stand against it. Defeat the legendary ship Delos
ACOD The Fist of Zeus ship design.png
The Fist of Zeus Though Poseidon ruled the waves, Zeus had mastery of the air. His blessing in sea voyages was vital to a crew, for all wanted a good wind to carry them swiftly and safely to their destination. Defeat the alpha ship God's Rage
Flying Ikaros From the docks, a rumor spread: a remarkable new ship didn't sail but flew above the waves, destroying the biremes and triremes caught in her shadow below. It was known only as the Flying Ikaros. Defeat the legendary ship Flying Ikaros
ACOD Future's Past Ship Design.png
Future's Past This ship dragged many a sailor down to the depths after locking them in its "embrace." Available through the Helix Store
Glory of the Law Most ships sailing against Xerxes rested comfortably in their graves below the waves of Salamis. But not Glory of the Law, which withstood the invasion and every attack thereafter. Defeat the legendary ship Glory of the Law
ACOD The Gorgon Ship Design.png
The Gorgon Many tales tell of the Gorgons, and very few agree with each other, except for one thing... The Gorgons were terrible enemies and to be feared by all - as are those who sail under their colors. Defeat the legendary ship Porphyrion, west of Kythera Island
ACOD Hekate's Grace Ship Design.png
Hekate's Grace Large, lumbering, and virtually indestructible,

Hekate's Grace was less a ship than a floating fortress. The less learned even believed its hull was carved from stone.

Defeat the legendary ship Hekate's Grace.
ACOD The Hound of Hades Ship Design.png
The Hound of Hades Cerberus was the mythical multi-headed dog that guarded the gates of the underworld, preventing the dead souls from returning to the world of the living. Pavlopetri
ACOD The Hydra's Venom Ship Design.png
The Hydra's Venom Herakles's deeds are praised throughout the Greek world, though none of his foes or challenges compared to the many-headed Hydra, which he only just defeated by using its own venom to stop its regeneration. Defeat elite ship, Kechrias, near Chios
Keto's Wrath Wood bowed by the gods and sent to exact wrath on the people. A bringer of storms. Helmed by sirens. What was known of Keto's Wrath was myth, surely. Or was it? Defeat legendary pirate ship Keto's Wrath
ACOD The Labyrinth's Bow Ship Design.png
The Labyrinth's Bow King Minos commissioned the architect Daidalos to create a maze, or labyrinth as the great scholar Herodotos prefers. This housed the fearsome Minotaur, who was eventually defeated by the hero Theseus. Defeat the alpha ship Iapetos west of the Triple Peninsula of Chalkidike, Makedonia
Lakedaimonia Built to ferry Spartan royalty and elite, the Lakedaimonia was not just well appointed. It was deadly. Any ship that sailed too close would find itself in the belly of the sea. Defeat the legendary ship Lakedaimonia
ACOD Lakonia Ship Design.PNG
Lakonia Designed by a master builder from Gythion, the lavishly expensive Lakonia was Sparta's newest attempt to crush the Athenian navy. From stories told, it seemed to be worth the drachmae. Defeat the legendary ship Lakonia
ACOD The Last Ferry Ship Design.png
The Last Ferry Many ships fled at the mere sight of a vessel bearing these colors and emerging from the smoke of battle. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD Masterful Sail of the Formidable.png
Masterful Sail of the Formidable The tear stains on this sail prove that its captain remained undefeated for the longest time. Likewise for its successor. Defeat the Order of the Storm member Nestor
ACOD The Medusa Ship Design.png
The Medusa All are familiar with the tale of how Perseus slew Medusa to fulfill his promise to Polydektes. Her severed head has long been considered a powerful ward against evil and a fearsome warning to enemies. Defeat the alpha ship Theia southeast of Kythera
ACOD The Minotaur's Revenge ship design.png
The Minotaur's Revenge The Minotaur, was one of the most fabled creatures of legend. Crews believed that ships blazoned with his image would inherit his otherworldly power. Whether this is true is another story. Underwater Cavern in Makedonia
ACOD Old Nereus Ship Design.png
Old Nereus Legends around Old Nereus were such that simply hearing it creak through the blackest waters of the Aegean was enough to send sailors overboard, swimming for their lives. Defeat the legendary ship Old Nereus
ACOD Palaityros Ship Design.png
Palaityros No merchant sailing the Aegean went unaware of the infamously deadly Palaityros. It was a name rarely spoken, but screamed with one's dying breath. Defeat the legendary ship Palaityros
ACOD Paralos Ship Design.png
Paralos Resplendent in Athenian blue, no ship is as regal on the waves or as staunch a defender of democracy. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Phoenician ship design.png
The Phoenician Phoenician seamanship was legendary, and their vessels were easily recognized throughout the Aegean. Acquired through the Ubisoft Club
Piraeus The rogue crew of the Piraeus used its might to strike fear in Athens' enemies, but very rarely on Athens' orders. Indeed, the only thing more deadly than a well armed crew was an unpredictable one. Defeat the legendary ship Piraeus
ACOD Poseidon's Glory Ship Design.png
Poseidon's Glory It is best to honor the lord of the deep, for his moods are many – and what better way than this. Available through the Helix Store
ACOD The Prancing Pegasos ship design.png
The Prancing Pegasos Pegasos was born from the blood of Medusa after she was decapitated. It is said that he brought thunderbolts to Zeus and was rewarded by being turned into a constellation in the northern sky. Hermit's Dive
ACOD The Raging Bull Ship Design.png
The Raging Bull The symbol of the bull permeated Minoan culture as a sign of skill and power. The potency of this imagery continued to be popular throughout Greece long after its civilization ended. Defeat the alpha ship Okeanos south of Kephallonia
Salaminia When Spartans needed sinking, Athens sent the Salaminia. With its massive sails outstretched, its sheer force could bisect any target before the opposing crew had time to react. Defeat the legendary ship Salaminia
ACOD The Satyr Ship Design.png
The Satyr Companions to the god Dionysos, satyrs spent their time drinking, dancing, and chasing nymphs. This boisterous, comedic image was played upon by many leading playwrights, including Aristophanes. Phoibean Lagoon
ACOD The Scarlet Dawn Ship Design.png
The Scarlet Dawn Many ships in the Aegean received their vibrant red color from miltos. This essential material also helped maintain triremes and was particularly coveted by the Athenians. Defeat the alpha ship Erginos, between Keos and Delos
ACOD The Sea Swallow Ship Design.png
The Sea Swallow The swooping swallow has been popular since Minoan times as their migration patterns were revered as a sign of the changing seasons. Athenian playwright Aristophanes' work

The Birds also featured a swallow.

Defeat the alpha ship Peloros west of the Peloponnese
ACOD Serpent's Fang Ship Design.png
Serpent's Fang A design and color used to honor the creature of legend, the Hydra, and to cause one's foes to quake in fear. Available through the Helix Store
Shadowed Nymph Captained by an ostracized Athenian

polemarch, the Shadowed Nymph became a weapon for revenge. And what an effective weapon it was.

Defeat the legendary ship Shadowed Nymph
ACOD Shark Bite Ship Design.png
Shark Bite A swift and deadly predator that preferred to cleave its opponents, leaving them helpless in the water. Purchase the Shark Naval Pack DLC.
ACOD The Silent Serpent ship design.png
The Silent Serpent Snakes were a symbol of vitality and well-being, and tied closely with the god of health, Asklepios. The shedding of skin was seen as sign of renewal and immortality, hence its ties with medicine. Stormfall Bay
ACOD Siren's Song Ship Design.png
Siren's Song Do not be fooled by looks, this ship was as vibrant and enchanting as the Siren's song, and no less deadly. Available through the Helix Store
The Sphinx The only mystery when this ship was sighted was how much longer you would remain afloat. Purchase the Sphinx Naval Pack DLC.
ACOD The Stargazer ship design.png
The Stargazer The stars have been important to sailors, and it was Thales of Miletios, an early astronomer who recognised the importance of the constellation Little Bear as a means of navigation. Shipwreck of Dionysos and the Pirate
ACOD Summer Wine Ship Design.png
Summer Wine The fruit of the wine was vitally important to the Greek economy and culture. Dionysos was widely venerated for helping get a good harvest for wine making. His festivals also helped propagate theater. Defeat the alpha ship Kreios north-east of Lesbos
ACOD Tartessos Ship Design.png
Tartessos All pirate ships were stolen from someone, of course, but the Tartessos was peculiar. How could ragged bandits overcome such a fortified vessel? And worse, what would they do with its power? Defeat the legendary ship Tartessos
ACOD The Triskelion Ship Design.png
The Triskelion The Triskelion was viewed as a symbol of protection by many, but it also warned the enemy that the adversary they faced was as swift as the wind. Defeat the alpha ship Nauplios south of Paros Island
ACOD The Tyrant ship design.png
The Tyrant The Korinthians, inventors of the trireme, designed this new ship for the Spartan navy. The techniques they deployed to design this mighty vessel were a closely guarded secret that few alive fully knew. Defeat the legendary ship The Tyrant
ACOD The Tyrrhenian Ship Design.png
The Tyrrhenian The desire for Greek goods was great in Tyrrhenia, and these trade routes were fiercely protected. Ubisoft Club
ACOD The Wave Cutter Ship Design.png
The Wave Cutter A powerful and warlike design intended to intimidate the enemy. Defeat the alpha ship Askalaphos east of Dioskouroi Peninsula, Lakonia

Behind the scenes

The Adrestia, the ship of the Eagle Bearer in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, shares its name with the the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite in Greek mythology. Venerated as a goddess of revolt, retribution, and balance between good and evil, Adrestia was also an aspect and epithet of the goddess of rightful retribution, Nemesis. The name itself befits a fast ship: its Ancient Greek Ᾰ̓δρᾱ́στειᾰ (Adrā́steia), meaning 'the inescapable one'.

The Gang Members-crew skin Animus mod available via Ubisoft Club in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey is modelled after the Blighters of Victorian era London, as seen in Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. Bayek, the main character of Assassin's Creed: Origins, is available as a lieutenant in the same fashion, as is his wife, Aya.

The name of the ship design The Prancing Pegasos is a reference to The Prancing Pony, an inn in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.

The quarterdeck of the Adrestia has a map of the Greek world painted on it, while the default emblem of the Adrestia, an eagle with a snake in its talons, is also featured on the shields born by the crew with the crew skins of Barnabas' Crew (grey), Spartans and Elite Spartans (red) as well as Athenians and Elite Athenians (blue).

The Adrestia has a unique model in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, and is smaller than other triremes. [citation needed]




  1. Due to the age of the ship, it is most likely destroyed by 2018.


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