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Adonis was the human lover of the Isu Aphrodite. He was later deified in Greek mythology along with Aphrodite.



Jealous over Aphrodite, the god Ares killed Adonis. For this, Ares was imprisoned in a bronze jar by the giant sons of the god Poseidon, the Aloadai Otos and Ephialtes, for thirteen months.[1]

Another account of the events had an angered Artemis kill Adonis with a boar. As he laid dying, flowers bloomed from his spilled blood.[2]


In a simulation created by Aletheia, Adonis was trapped in Elysium, a realm ruled by Persephone. Unable to be with his love, Adonis became the leader of a rebellion to undermine Persephone's rule. It was here that Adonis enlisted the aid of the Keeper, Kassandra, in weakening Persephone's grip on Elysium so that he might ultimately escape.[3]

One of the forts within Elysium was named after Adonis.[3]

Legacy and influence[]

By the 5th century BCE, Adonis' tragic death was the basis for the Adonia festival, in which women would drink and ritually mourn him. They would leave out flowers for him that would quickly germinate and wither. Hence the phrase "Gardens of Adonis" came to mean something trivial or wasteful.[2]

During the Peloponnesian War, the poet Praxilla wrote a poem about Adonis and his death, calling him "beauty incarnate."[4]

In October 2017, Simon Hathaway while reliving the memories of his ancestor training, he joked that he would have the body "of an Adonis" afterwards.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

The term adonis is used to describe a very handsome young man.

In Assassin's Creed: Odyssey DLC The Fate of Atlantis, if the player has Persophone exile Hekate, Adonis will be allowed to leave without harm, with Persephone reluctantly seeing his view. Should Hekate be believed over the Eagle Bearer, Adonis will have his face blistered and eyes blinded as a result of the rebellion.

Adonis can be disfigured even when Hekate is not believed and she is subjected to a truth spell as punishment. It is as yet unknown whether this depends on if Adonis was romanced or not. [citation needed]



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