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Adam, also called Ask,[1] was a hybrid leader of the human rebellion against the Isu during the Human-Isu War. Conceived in order to preserve the DNA of the technologically advanced beings,[2] Adam and Eve turned against their masters and chose to fight for humanity's free will. He is considered one of the first proto-Assassins, alongside Eve.[3] In addition, Adam is a distant ancestor to both Clay Kaczmarek[4] and Desmond Miles.[2]

In 75,010 BCE, Adam and Eve, another hybrid, rebelled against their creators.[5] As hybrids, the two were biologically immune to the effects of the Pieces of Eden on their brains, lacking the neurotransmitters upon which the Pieces of Eden acted and that would have compelled them to obey.[4]

Stealing one of the First Civilization's "Apples of Eden", Adam and Eve attempted to escape Eden through the use of their skills, but they were suddenly stopped by an unknown force.[4]

Adam and Eve were the parents of Cain and Abel, the former of which would go on to kill his younger brother in order to acquire his Apple of Eden and become the founder of the order that would come to be known as the Knights Templar.[4]