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Achaeus (died 38 BCE) was an Egyptian captain who led a group of crocodile hunters in Upper Egypt. Operating in the wharf by the Nile, he was the identical twin brother of Democedes, who captained the Swenett Outpost in the hills east of the docks.


In the late 1st century BCE, Achaeus and his brother Democedes operated in Thebes Nome in Upper Egypt, setting up a poaching operation targetting the crocodiles in the area. However, their activities was halted by the involvement of a Sobek worshipper, who attacked his soldiers.[1]

In an attempt to eliminate the worshipper, Achaeus sent his men after him, though they were later defeated and killed by him. Achaeus, and eventually Democedes, was later hunted down by the Hidden One, Bayek of Siwa, thus ending their poaching activities.[1]



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