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Abuse of Power was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


A farmer asks Bayek's help loading crops before the tax collectors return.


While passing by his hut in the outskirts of Sais, Bayek was called over by a farmer.

  • Man: Just a moment, I promise!
    Medjay! Please!
    These crops need to be loaded for transport by the day's end.
  • Bayek: A little more than a moment of my time, don't you think?
  • Man: I'm sorry. We are normally two, but my son cannot keep up.
  • Bayek: One thing at a time. Let your boy rest. I will help you collect your harvest. He is too young to be working the fields.
  • Man: I know it. But my field hands ran off when I couldn't pay. The tax collectors demand all my grain, or they will burn my house down.
ACO Abuse of Power 03

Bayek carrying the crops

Bayek carried the stacks of crops and loaded them onto the cart.

  • Man: Thank you, sir. Now I'll be able to pay Sefetu's dogs off, this time at least.
  • Bayek: Tell me about these tax collectors.
  • Man: They ride the roads all round Sais, sticking mostly to the outskirts. Their rabid master, Sefetu, has them tax the people for all they have.
  • Bayek: Let me see if I can find them, and convince them to change their ways. You work on your farm, and raising your boy.
  • Bayek: Yes, neb! Now that he can get some rest, I think my boy will get back his strength. The gods praise you!

Bayek travelled around the town to look for the tax collector, and overheard the citizens talking while at it.

  • Man 1: Did you have any trouble bringing the crops to your market?
  • Man 2: I'll say! Getting past Camp Pyrrhos is torture. Those soldiers are thieving scum! Sefetu has given them a long leash.
  • Man 1: All they do is take advantage of us! It's not right!
  • Man 3: Did you see the poor crazed wretch trying to talk to Harkhuf? He made the strangest sounds!

Bayek discovered the tax collector patrolling around the town, banging on doors. He eliminated him and the soldiers with him.


Bayek eliminated the tax collector terrifying the villagers of Sais.



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