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An Abstergo Cloud server in Montreal

The Abstergo Cloud is an online network functioning as a memory bank for Abstergo Industries, containing the extracted memories of numerous individuals.

Created around late 2012, the Abstergo Cloud was devised as an online storage facility that could be accessed by or uploaded to from any Animus device.[1] In December 2012, Abstergo's Recovery Unit #3 obtained tissue samples from the body of the late Desmond Miles, Subject 17 of the Animus Project. The genetic memory data extracted from these samples was uploaded to the Cloud later on.[2]

In 2013, the Abstergo Entertainment division in Montreal made use of the previously uploaded data, creating the Sample 17 Project, which secretly aimed to further explore Desmond's genetic memories for possible information that could aid the Templars. The Montreal division also possessed their own Cloud server located in the basement level. One of the analysts eventually hacked it, after being pressured to do so by John Standish, an Abstergo Entertainment IT employee and reincarnation of Aita known as a Sage. The hack was meant for Juno to take over the analyst's body, but ultimately failed.[2]

During the same year, Abstergo Industries hired MysoreTech to privatize the Animus in India as the Brahman V.R., which would secretly upload the genetic memory of any user to the Abstergo Cloud, hoping to find the genetic memory that would lead them to the Koh-i-Noor and presumably other Pieces of Eden.[3]


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