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"Anything goes in this sex andron."
The Stalker, c. 430 BCE[src]-[m]

The exterior of the Abron House

The Abron House was a heavily guarded building located north of the Temple of Apollo in Korinth, Korinthia, Greece.

It was maintained by one of The Monger's men as a place where the Monger could take his victims and entertain himself. As such, it was equipped with all manner of things, including chains and oil, and stained with blood.[1]

Around 430 BCE, the Spartan misthios Kassandra came to Korinth looking for her mother Myrrine, assiting the local hetaerae led by Anthousa. One of Anthousa's girls, Damalis, asked Kassandra's help in dealing with a client whose behaviour had changed.[1]

As Kassandra investigated the client, she learned he had been pressed by the Monger to bring Damalis to the Abron House, and decided to check out the place. While there, she slew the captain of the house's guards, and claimed valuables within, as well as disposed of the Stalker.[1]


  • The name of the place might be a reference to the Greek proverb "Ἅβρωνος βίος", which literally means 'the life of Abron', and used to describe extravagant persons. The proverb is believed to have been derived from a rich Argive named Abron.
  • Both the caretaker as well as Kassandra refer to the house as andron, which is used in architecture to denote a place reserved for men. The word itself is Greek ἀνδρῶν (andrôn), meaning 'of men'.




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