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Abreas (died 420s BCE) was a Boeotian man during the 5th century BCE and the brother of Timon. They lived in the City of Orchomenos in Boeotia, Greece.


Abreas and Timon were very close, and did a lot of things together, including sparring with Astra and Deianeira when they were young.[1]

At some point when they were younger, Timon made a necklace to Abreas so that Abreas would never be alone while out hunting or fighting.[1]

When they grew up, and Deianeira became famous as a champion of Boeotia, she and the rest of the champions allied with Athens' Delian League. Abreas spoke against the alliance, accusing the champions of betraying Boeotia. Subsequently Deianeira lured Abreas to their old sparring grounds and killed him with Astra's help.[1]

The necklace Abreas had Deianeira gifted to Astra. Timon recovered Abreas' body and held a funeral, playing his lyre near the port of Orchomenos.[1]

The Spartan misthios Kassandra heard Timon playing and approached him, learning about the past he shared with Deianeira. Kassandra agreed to hunt down and kill Astra in revenge of Abreas' death, and retrieve the necklace.[1]



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