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"A new captain has come to Nassau, and I do not like him. Abel Bramah is his name, and he has the look of a scoundrel about him."
Edward Thatch, chronicling his opinion of Bramah in his personal journal, 5 January 1714.[src]
Edward Kenway Memory 20

Duncan Walpole assassinating Bramah

Abel Bramah (died June 1715) was a pirate captain of a brig known as the Jacobite, operating in the Caribbean by 1714.

Abel arrived in Nassau around January 1714. He was immediately disliked by the pirate Edward Thatch.[1] In June 1715, his vessel was traveling past Cape Bonavista, in western Cuba, when it was attacked by a Royal Navy frigate, HMS Intrigue. Bramah's crew managed to demast the attacking vessel, but the victory was short-lived as it was discovered the magazine had caught fire. Bramah immediately shouted for the crew to douse the flames, unaware of a hooded, shadowy figure behind him. Before Kenway could shout a warning, the figure, an Assassin named Duncan Walpole who had been a passenger aboard the British warship, leaped down and stabbed the captain in the back, killing him.[2]

Personality and characteristics

"Nobody but his own mother was going to mourn our captain's passing."
―Edward Kenway regarding Bramah's death.[src]
Abel was a harsh and cruel man, fond of personally flogging his crew members and marooning them, which he referred to as "making a man a governor of his own island". For this, he was greatly feared by his crew.[3]

Other pirates such as Edward Thatch also disliked him,[1] advising his fellow pirate Edward Kenway not to join his crew.[3]


  • Abel Bramah's outfit is identical to those of pirate hunter captains.
  • Edward later expressed that he regretted joining Bramah's crew.[3]



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