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Abel (died 80th millennium BCE) was one of Adam and Eve's two sons. His brother, Cain, murdered him in order to acquire the Apple of Eden he possessed.


Abel was one of the direct descendants of the First Civilization, through his parents being Human-First Civilization hybrids themselves. At one point during his life, he obtained an Apple of Eden, and was killed by his older brother, who wanted the artifact for himself.[1]

Abel is considered to be the first murder victim in recorded human history, while Cain was the first recorded murderer. Cain was subsequently branded with a mark for his deed, which was later adopted by the Children of Cain as their insignia. The Children of Cain would go on to be known centuries later as the Knights Templar.[1]


In 1717, the Templar pirate Jing Lang references the story of Cain and Abel while talking to Vance Travers about the assassination of his brother, Upton.[2]

In 2012, the late Assassin Clay Kaczmarek shared the story of Cain and Abel in this context to his successor Desmond Miles via the Glyph messages he hid within the Animus data.[1] Desmond later did in September of that year.[3] Desmond solved this puzzle, which was part of a set titled "Brothers" learning that Abel was killed by his brother to attain his Apple of Eden. Included within were paintings by Peter Paul Rubens, Jacopo Tintoretto, Bartolomeo Manfredi, and Albrecht Dürer attached to text from Pearl of Great Price adapted by Joseph Smith, Jr.[1]




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