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Abar was an elderly woman who resided in the Yw Huts village in the Herakleion Nome during the reign of Ptolemy XIII.


At some point prior to 48 BCE, Abar was a highly respected member of the Phylakes, serving as one of its leaders. She retired from her position and stored away her outfit in a chest hidden away in the Nile Delta. Settling down in the Yw Huts, she spent her time in the village telling children stories of her past glory. She also gave the Phylakes three keys, with her keeping the last one that would unlock her chest.[1]

In 48 BCE, Abar was approached by Bayek, who had eliminated the Phylakes and retrieve several of their keys. The Medjay sought the last key for the treasure, which she promised to give him if she were to eliminate the crocodiles that were causing trouble around the village. Bayek succeeded in the task, leading Abar to gave Bayek the last of the four keys, thus granting him access to the chest.[1]

Behind the scenes

The name Abar is derived from the old Hebrew word 'abar, having the sense of 'passing over'.[2]

Abar is the only known female member of the Phylakes.