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This article is about Temple of Aphrodite in Arkadia. For other uses, see Temple of Aphrodite.

The temple in a blizzard

Abandoned Temple of Aphrodite was a temple located on the highest peak of Arkadia, Greece.

When Kyros of Zarax desired the hand of the princess of Arkadia, Atalanta, he sought the advice of his master, Pythagoras. Pythagoras suggested Kyros seek out the abandoned temple of Aphrodite. Kyros did as told, climbing to the highest peak until he passed out in a blizzard. While unconscious, he had a vision of a beautiful woman plucking apples in a garden and then hiding them in the temple.[1]

Regaining consciousness, Kyros clambered into the ruins of the temple, finding a single golden apple where the woman of his vision had hid them.[1]



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