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AC4 Abaco Island

Abaco Island

Abaco Island is an islet in the northern Bahamas, and a plentiful hunting ground. It is located within the Eleuthera region of the Caribbean, just north of the pirate colony of Nassau.


Not long after commandeering the Spanish brig El Dorado, Edward Kenway traveled to the island to hunt the local wildlife, in order to craft a second holster for his guns and improved gauntlets with leather.[1]

Following the death of Julien du Casse and the capture of his galleon, El Arca del Maestro, in 1715 by Edward Kenway and Edward Thatch,[2] the warship was beached on the island to provide a measure of defense for the burgeoning Pirate Republic based in nearby Nassau.[3] Later, Abaco Island was used as a hideout for one of Edward's assassination targets.[4]



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