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A Tithe By Any Other Name was a virtual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


The Priest asks for help in getting food back to the people after the Phylakitai double the people's tithe to the Sarapeion for themselves.


After helping the priest to free the drummer from the tanner Theon, Bayek asked him if he still needed help.

  • Bayek: I wish to serve Serapis further, if you have need.
  • Priest: There is one thing. There has been food taken by the guards malignly in the name of Serapis. They take a tithe, then take double for themselves. They bring it to their arsenal and share it with their phylakitai. The people now starve, I worry it will get worse.
  • Bayek: Do not worry, Priest. I will see the people fed.
  • Priest: I will await among the people at the docks.

Bayek left the temple and set out to locate the food cart. He found them on route from the northwest market to the Arsenal and killed the soldiers guarding the cart.

  • Bayek: Stealing from Serapis? You guards are supposed to uphold the law. Pathetic. This food will be put to much better use. This food will serve the people well.
ACO A Tithe By Any Other Name - Bayek Driving Supply Cart

Bayek riding the cart

Bayek climbed onto the cart and rode it to the docks, where the priest was waiting.

  • Bayek: One cart of food, Priest, as asked for. The Pharaoh's guards were happy to donate it.
  • Priest: This seni is more than I expected. The people will be served by Serapis today.
  • Bayek: May you walk lightly in his steps, Priest.
  • Priest: And you, Medjay.


Bayek retrieved the cart of food stolen by the guards from the people and returned it to them.


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