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A Spot of Tea was a virtual representation of one of Jacob Frye's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Jacob trailed the Cockham Merchants weapons shipment to its destination to uncover the identity of "Plutus".


Jacob met with Abberline at the Thames.

  • Abberline: If only I knew what shipment it was, then I could trace the weapons to their owner.
  • Jacob: Capital idea, Freddy. Here we are - the shipping docks. Now where are the Cockham crates intended for Mr. Plutus?

Jacob searched two carts.

  • Blighter 1: Can you imagine if them tea crates went up? The Thames would be one hell of a brew, wouldn't it?
  • Blighter 2: A tea party with fireworks.
  • Blighter 1: All we need is sandwiches and cake.
  • Jacob: Tea. Maybe later.
    Where the devil is it?

Jacob found the weapons in a cart.

  • Jacob: Hello.

He marked the cart with his Hidden Blade.

  • Jacob: And now to wait for the crates to be delivered...
    And now to wait for the crates to be retrieved...

Jacob ascended a nearby warehouse and waited for the cargo to depart.

ACS S6 Spot of Tea 3

Jacob watching for the cart to depart

  • Blighter 3: Protect these crates. Any mistake will cost you dearly.
  • Blighter 4: Keep your knickers on. We hear ya.
  • Blighter 3: Good. Because I ain't repeating myself.
  • Jacob: It's a shame I can't stop in for a pint...

Jacob tailed the cart.

  • Jacob: Damn this fog.

The cart stopped at a checkpoint.

  • Blighter 5: Move on. We'll keep an eye on you.
  • Blighter 6: Keep quiet!
  • Blighter 3: Watch the road!
  • Jacob: I bet Greenie's tailing Evie right about now. Good luck.
    My dear sister thinks I'm destroying things... I'll show her how I settle accounts...

Jacob followed the cart to another checkpoint, where the two Blighters driving it left and another man took the reins.

Jacob followed the cart to its destination.

  • Jacob: Ah yes, lead me to Mr. Plutus.
ACS S6 Spot of Tea 4

Blighters handling the cart

  • Blighter 7: The weapons are here!
  • Templar: Same routine as before. Twopenny opens the vault, we robs it and leaves the money in his storehouse. Look sharp, the boys are waiting.
  • Blighter 7: To the Bank of England! Yeah!

The Blighter shook the reins.

  • Jacob: Plutus is Twopenny.


Jacob learned that "Plutus" was Philip Twopenny.



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