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A Slave in Trouble was a virtual representation of one of Aveline de Grandpré's genetic memories.[1]


After hearing word of disappearing slaves, Aveline infiltrated a plantation to uncover the cause of the problem.


To avoid suspicion, Aveline dressed as a slave.

A delivery will arrive at the plantation—a perfect cover. Hide in a wagon and follow the cart to discover the location without being seen.

Aveline quickly made her way to the cart and snuck into the plantation. On the plantation's grounds, she spoke with a group of slaves.

  • Slave: Who are you? How'd you get past the guards? We have plenty of trouble here already. Don't need no more.
  • Aveline: I'm Aveline. A friend. Slaves have been reported escaped, but none has yet reached any safe house. My contacts fear the worst.
  • Slave: If you're a spy, Aveline, you won't find no cause for persecution here. My brothers have vanished. Then my aunt. Today, my youngest sister, Thérèse. They ain't escaped as you say. They're taken. Besides, Thérèse would never survive on her own.
  • Aveline: I'll find her. If any have trodden through these fields, they must have left tracks...

Aveline climbed to the highest point of the mansion and scouted the plantation, finding Thérèse in a barn.

  • Aveline: Don't be afraid, Thérèse. I'm a friend. Who did this? Your Master?
  • Thérèse: Non. (No)... the son... Oh! Please help.
  • Aveline: Be strong. I'll get you to safety...

The plantation owner's son burst into the barn.

  • Son: You'll pay for this. Guards! Hurry! We've got rats in the barn!

Aveline fought the man and his guards, procuring the Sugarcane Machete in the process, and managed to kill them all.

  • Thérèse: This nightmare, I can't take no more!
  • Aveline: His terror is over, Thérèse. Stay with me. We must hurry.

Aveline escorted Thérèse away from the plantation grounds, to safety.


Aveline discovered the truth about the missing slaves and managed to rescue Thérèse, bringing her to safety.

Behind the scenes[]

The original Vita iteration included a final segment of gameplay in which Aveline must escort Thérèse to the edge of the plantation without being detected. However, in the HD remake, the memory finishes as soon as Aveline exits the barn, thus voiding the memory's original constraint for full synchronization.



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