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A Single Madman was a virtual representation of one of Edward Kenway's genetic memories, relived by a research analyst at Abstergo Entertainment through the Animus.


Edward set out to kill captain Julien du Casse, claim his vessel for Nassau's defense and conquer the island's cove for himself.


Edward addressed his crew aboard the Jackdaw.

  • Edward: Gentlemen! As is custom among our kind, we do not plunge headlong into folly on the orders of a single madman, but act according to our own collective madness! The object of our attention is a square-rigged galleon, and we want her for the advantage she'll bring Nassau. So I'll put it to the vote... All those in favor of storming this cove and taking this ship, stomp and shout "Aye!"
  • Crew: Aye!
  • Edward: Those who oppose... whimper "Nay."

Edward paused for a while.

  • Edward: Never was the King's Council so unified.

Edward left the Jackdaw and traveled through the jungle.

  • Soldier 1: (Did you hit something? Can you see?)
  • Soldier 2: (If you're so curious, why don't you have a look?)

Edward reached the small settlement on the other side of the island.

  • Julien: Speed along, (men)! Double time! (Hurry now)! We've four harbours to hit this week! Eh, oh! Look alive! We'll weigh anchor before dawn! (Eat your fill, men)! This is the last time you will see land for a month! Lively, lads! What's happening there? See that the cargo is secure! Move your ass and do your job, (son of a bitch!)

He then climbed the mast of the galleon and assassinated Julien du Casse from above.

  • Edward: You remember the gift you gave me? Well it answers just fine.
  • Julien: (You son of a whore!) As bold as a musket ball, and still half as sharp.
  • Edward: I'm sorry about this, mate. But I can't risk you telling your Templar friends about me still kicking around.
  • Julien: I pity you (buccaneer). After all you have seen, after all we showed you of our Order, still you embrace the life of an ignorant and aimless rogue.

Edward took a key from Julien's body.

  • Edward: What's this...?
  • Julien: Is petty larceny the extent of your ambition? Have you no mind to comprehend the scope of ours? All the empires on Earth, abolished! A free and opened world, without parasites like you! (May the hell you find be of your own making.)

The Jackdaw pulled into the cove.

  • Edward: The cove is ours!


Edward assassinated Julien du Casse, and claimed Great Inagua for himself.


  • If Edward approached du Casse's manor during the memory, he would be desynchronized. Additionally, neither of the two tunnels leading to the manor's treasure cavern would be accessible.



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