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A Royal Hide was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Arno discovered a book about skin tanning giving details about the use of human skin and decided to learn more about the matter.


Arno searched for more books. He first found an old Bible dedicated to Louis Antoine de Saint-Just in a cemetery. Eventually Arno found the Journal of a tanner dated from 1793, covered with the skin of the long dead Sun King but unveiling the interest of the tanner and his sponsor, Saint-Just, for human skin tanning.

  • Arno: It is warm to the touch. This book is bound in human skin. I must find the tanner before more die.

Arno tracked the tanner and found him near a tavern and heard him talking.

  • Tanner: As I was saying, I should have stayed in Paris, had a deal with some really high ranking (Sirs). The market's very small in my line of work.

Arno then decided to follow him. The Tanner met with a band of guards.

  • Guard: How is the loot down below? Have you found anything?
  • Tanner: Everything has been claimed... the golden era is past.
  • Guard: Right you are! But I heard that you were chasing after other things than gold.
  • Tanner: I do not know what you mean. Pardon me... there is a man following us from the tavern. Can you help?

The tanner fled, using smoke bombs. However, Arno, having escaped the guards, tracked him down and reached his house. In the basement, Arno found the secret tannery and the bloody remnants of the Tanner's illicit activities.

  • Arno: I am too late for this one.

Looking for a clue indicating where the man had gone, Arno discovered a note detailing how the tanner was no longer able to obtain royal skins as his territory in the catacombs had been invaded by the band of a rival and his intention to kill them and use their skins for his work. Through a well located in the tannery, Arno went down into the catacombs and looked for his prey. When he discovered a pile of fresh corpses, Arno was attacked by the tanner and a group of Raiders.

  • Tanner: RAT! I'll skin you alive!

Arno killed the tanner and his men.


Arno put an end to the actions of an evil tanner, who used the skins of dead monarchs looted in the catacombs, as well as the skins of his enemies, in book binding.


Assassin's Creed: Unity - Dead Kings

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