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A Romantic Stroll was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Thomas-Alexandre Dumas asked Arno to protect Napoleon and Joséphine de Beauharnais from royalists as they took a walk.


  • Dumas: Ah! Arno! A small favor!
    This is damned awkward, but I promised Bonaparte, damn him! Seems a lady has caught his eye, what the deuce is her name? Juliette? Joséphine! He wants to take a romantic stroll, but the royalists are after him! Bonaparte is to meet her just south of the Palais Bourbon. I need you to clear out any royalists in their path.

Arno found Napoleon and Joséphine.

  • Joséphine: I'm flattered that you wished to meet. May I inquire, what is your rank?
  • Napoleon: Captain... captain for now. I have prospects, though.
  • Joséphine: I'm sure.
  • Napoleon: Very good prospects!
  • Joséphine: Well... it's a lovely day for a walk.
  • Napoleon: Oh... oh, yes. Of course. Shall we?

Arno eliminated the royalists as Napoleon and Joséphine walked together. He then followed them.

  • Napoleon: So... you, um... you. Damn!
  • Joséphine: I was born in Martinique, I came to France to marry, but that was a disaster. I am now a divorcée!
  • Napoleon: Oh.
  • Joséphine: And you, where did you acquire your... exotic accent?
  • Napoleon: Corsica.
  • Joséphine: How delightfully provincial of you! You are a pensive man.
  • Napoleon: What? Oh. Yes. I was just... musing about how I could manoeuvre, um, how I could...
  • Joséphine: Take my arm?
  • Napoleon: Yes!
  • Joséphine: And have you formed a plan?
  • Napoleon: No.
  • Joséphine: The life of a soldier must be terribly exciting! Cavalry charges and flashing blades!
  • Napoleon: I'm in the artillery.
  • Joséphine: Oh.
  • Napoleon: We stand at the back and lob cannon balls at people... I calculate trajectories.
  • Joséphine: Fascinating!
  • Napoleon: Well, this has been... I've... you-
  • Joséphine: Yes, it has, hasn't it?
  • Napoleon: It's just that your, your, those large, luminous... those...
  • Joséphine: Eyes?
  • Napoleon: Yes! They are bewitching, I can barely breathe, talk, think! We must meet again!
  • Joséphine: Oh... yes... perhaps! Well. Ta-ta!

As Joséphine left, Napoleon stood, exhausted.

  • Napoleon: I think that went pretty well.


Arno protected Napoleon and Joséphine from royalists, and a relationship began to form between the latter two.


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