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A Pirate’s Life was a virtual representation of one of Kassandra's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.5.


While passing by the Isle of Thisvi, Kassandra found a man on a shipwreck near the shore of the island.


Kassandra alighted from the Adrestia and travelled to the shipwreck.

  • Tekton: Help! Please! Don't leave! I beg you!

Kassandra approached the man.

  • Tekton: Oh, thank the gods you came!
  • Kassandra: What happened? Where's the rest of your crew?
  • Tekton: Pirates. They killed most of us, but they took my brother! Please, you must help him!

  • Kassandra: I’m not about to risk my neck or ship for some sailor's brother. Unless of course there's some drachmae involved...

  • Kassandra: I'll help you find your brother, sailor.

  • Tekton: I'm not a sailor, I'm a carpenter. So's my brother. Our father taught us.
  • Kassandra: Interesting. Our ship could use a carpenter.
  • Tekton: I've worked as a shipwright, repaired hulls with holes the size of Poseidon's fist... Please, save my brother, and I'll join your crew.
  • Kassandra: Then it's a deal.

  • Kassandra: Where can we find these pirates?
  • Tekton: There is an island west of Boeotia and south of Mount Helikon. I hear they sail from there.

  • Kassandra: Anything else that might help?
  • Tekton: I don't know, it happened so fast. Because of the war, there's more pirates about than ticks on a sow these days, but their camp can't be far.

  • Kassandra: We'll find these pirates and rescue your brother.

Kassandra returned to the Adrestia with Tekton.

  • Barnabas: And?
  • Kassandra: He's a carptener. Pirates took his brother. He'll work for us if we rescue him.
  • Barnabas: Then let's hunt some pirates! Put your backs into it, men! Row like the Cerberus is snapping at your heels!

The Adrestia sailed to the island mentioned by Tekton. Kassandra swam to the island and infilitrated the pirate camp. She eliminated pirates and freed the wounded prisoner in the cage. Kassandra carried the prisoner to safety near a cliff.

  • Kassandra: Your brother sent me.
  • Carpenter: That fool, always sending someone else to do his dirty work. How bad is it?

  • Kassandra: You're going to be fine.
  • Carpenter: You're kind. A terrible liar, but kind.

  • Kassandra: The end is near.
  • Carpenter: Never thought I'd die like this, stuck on some shit island... Pfft, I hate the sea.

  • Kassandra: What message should I give your brother?
  • Carpenter: Tell that fool of a brother I... I...

The carpenter died from his wounds. Kassandra returned to Tekton on the Adrestia.

  • Tekton: Did you find my brother? Where is he?

  • Kassandra: To save his own life, he chose to work for the pirates. They would have killed him otherwise. There was nothing I could do.
  • Tekton: What? My brother would rather die than work for pirates. Pirates killed our father last summer. He's hated everything about the sea since then. Tell me the truth!
  • Kassandra: Your brother's dead. I didn't want to—
  • Tekton: You dare! You thought I was better thinking he lived than knowing the truth? I will not work for someone who holds the truth and family in so little regard! I need to go. I wish to be alone with my pain.

  • Kassandra: He didn't survive. I'm sorry.
  • Tekton: No, no, on! I curse you, gods!
  • Kassandra: There were no gods on that ship, only pirates.
  • Tekton: I begged him to come on this trip. He hated the sea.
  • Kassandra: A spear in my hand often helps me forget the pain. We'll put a hammer in yours if you honor your word.
  • Tekton: Of course... There's nothing left for me here.


Kassandra helped Tekton to rescue his brother from pirates. His brother ultimately died from his injuries, leading Kassandra to report to Tekton about his fate.


  • Choosing to lie to Tekton about his brother's fate will cause the carpenter to rage at Kassandra and cause the mission to fail, thereby preventing Tekton from being recruited aboard the Adrestia.



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