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A Nice Chappe was a virtual representation of one of Arno Dorian's genetic memories, relived by a Helix initiate through the Helix Navigator.


Thomas-Alexandre Dumas instructed Arno to sabotage four Chappe signal towers to delay the Duke of Brunswick's advance on Paris.


  • Dumas: Arno! A word from Bonaparte!
  • Arno: What is it, Captain Dumas?
  • Dumas: We're in a damned tight spot, man! Royalist sympathizers plan to signal Duke Ferdinand that we're vulnerable to attack.
  • Arno: Royalists calling for an Austrian invasion. Dangerous.
  • Dumas: Dangerous and desperate! We must take action with dispatch! The plan: disable the Chappe towers and the message won't go through. That will give my men time to dig in.

Arno set out to sabotage the towers.

  • Royalist 1: Come on, Duke Ferdinand! Save us from ourselves!
  • Royalist 2: I can't make out what those signals are saying. Is it a full message or a single word?
  • Royalist 3: It's an order of some kind. For Duke Ferdinand and his men.
  • Royalist 2: You mean like "March on Paris" or the like?
  • Royalist 3: Something near that. Only in German, I'd imagine.
  • Royalist 2: Ah, right. It's a funny looking script.

Arno sabotaged the four Chappe towers.


Arno sabotaged the Chappe towers, allowing Dumas to fortify Paris before an attack could be made by the Austrians.


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