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A Motherless Child was a visual representation of one of Bayek's genetic memories, relived by Layla Hassan through the Portable Animus HR-8.


Bayek investigates the untimely and violent end of Isidora's mother Nitokris the God's Wife of Amun.


Bayek explored the Necropolis of the Nobles upon learning the true source of the Curse of the Pharaohs. Entering an inner chamber, he investigated an open tomb and read a papyrus resting on it.

  • Bayek: A note from Isidora?
  • Mother: My heart is broken. And even though I know that you have returned to Amun's side, your loss is a dagger in my breast. Sleep peacefully in the Field of Reeds, Mama, knowing that I will carry on your work.

He read a papyrus on the floor.

  • Bayek: Merti left offerings here, to atone for what the tomb robbers did?
  • Forgive Me Nitokris: I leave this offering so that your unquiet Ka will torment me no longer. I took no part in what they did. But my heart is heavy all the same.

He investigated a stele.

  • Bayek: The priests of Amun were held in high regard.

He investigated a pile of scrolls.

  • Bayek: An inscription, the God's Wife of Amun was revered throughout Egypt.

Finally, he investigated a mural of Amun on the wall, much like the murals he had investigated previously.

  • Bayek: Isidora's mother sits at the right hand of Amun, as the God's Wife.

Bayek completed his investigation. A scene depicting what happened was shown.

ACO A Motherless Child 2

A recreation of Nitokris' burial

  • Bayek: The tomb robbers murdered Nitokris when she tried to stop them ransacking the tombs. Isidora had to bury her mother. The orb and her mother's legacy was passed to her. She vowed to revenge her, but she never had the means. Until now. Then years later, Merti came to try to make amends for what the others did.

The scene ended, and Bayek contemplated the simple tragedy behind the truth.

  • Bayek: The true source of the curse. A girl who lost her mother begging the gods for vengeance.


Bayek discovers Isidora's mother was murdered by tomb robbers when he was trying to stop them. She decided to avenge her mother.



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